The #DecodingInstagramHandles series is back by popular demand, and today we’re demystifying a fashion content creator with a bohemian chic style and relatable personality.  Or as all of us know her: Thatbohogirl

It took us a year of following the creator to realise her real name was Kritika Khurana (#truestory). To us, she was simply the blogger we turned to for outfit ideas or watched her YouTube channel to know how to style sneakers. Now, we are one of the 1.2 M people who follow the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer of the Year 2020.

Decoding Kritika Khuarana’s Instagram for new creators

Branch into other channels

Back in June, Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram) dropped a lot of tips and tricks on how creators could increase their reach in a Live session. Our founder wrote them down for you (do read if you want to boost your numbers). 

One of the insights was to try a bunch of different things, and that’s exactly what Kritika does. She started with a blog, then moved on to Instagram and YouTube. And when she saw the rise of podcasts, she created Unkut Kritika, and What’s Up Sister? with her fellow creator and sister, Deeksha Khurana. 

Decoding Kritika Khuarana’s Instagram

Offer life updates and backstories

This is a content idea we’ve noticed almost every top creator uses. From talking about when they were young, like Kritika does with a walk down memory lane, to doing Live sessions with family, anything that shows the audience your true self works. 

Decoding Kritika Khuarana’s Instagram 1

Use the top of your page wisely

Look at the first section of Kritika’s profile: the bio. Notice how she mentions her email and her location? Both are excellent ways to make it easy for brands (or followers) to reach out to her. 

The location tag is important because it tells which audience she will be most relevant to. Also, her bio includes the latest link to her YouTube channel. It’s a great trick to drive traffic to another platform. 

Decoding Kritika Khuarana’s Instagram 2

One more tip to take away is the Highlights. Kritika celebrates milestones (essential for every creator) through it. Since these Stories live right at the top of the feed, they literally beg followers to see your journey. 

Put your own spin on viral trends

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: follow social media trends. They are the best way to boost engagement. Well, now Kritika says it too. She creatively uses IGTV to test the viral blush hack that was making rounds a while back. She puts her own spin on it, and that got her 152,821 views!

Decoding Kritika Khuarana’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

Include other creators in your content

While most of Kritika’s Instagram handle is solo pictures, videos, or Reels, she never wastes a chance to include her sister, who is also a content creator. From posting about their first magazine cover together to brand collaborations, you often see the two sisters creating content together. 

Take a cue from Kritika and reach out to other creators for a collaboration. It will do wonders for your follower number.

Never fail to thank your community

Your followers make or break you. So, make them part of your creator journey, not the corollary. That means, besides sharing updates and achievements, thanking them. It’s easy to do so in the captions, just like Kritika wrote in on, “More than anything we feel blessed, and we are grateful to all of you! It’s because of you guys, we have made it so far ️.”

Content ideas we take away from decoding Kritika Khurana’s Instagram

Decoding thatbohogirl’s Instagram handle offers a slew of tips for fashion content creators, from sharing your makeup routine to tagging all the brands to make it easier for followers to find that top, dress or accessory. And in-between it all, scatter some dog content (everyone adores it).

But most of all, be versatile and ready to adapt to different fashion genres and mould them into your unique style. 

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