When we talk about living in an era of constant evolution, social media is as dynamic and volatile as it can get. Trends become outdated before one even realizes and new trends emerge from nowhere overnight. While some of these trends have been almost transient, a few others have made it clear that they are here to stay. The incredible velocity with which these trends pick up makes hopping on the bandwagon the need of the hour for creators. These trends range from something as simple as incorporating a song or a dialogue into content and have the whole internet going gaga over them. This obsession with trends has only become apparent post the Covid-19 pandemic, since social media has become an escape for people trying to avoid the monotony of having to stay at home. Here are a bunch of the trends that have amasses tremendous popularity in the recent times –

  • Photo dumps – Whoever first posted a carousel of random photographs giving a sneak peek into their day/week most definitely did not realize that thy were creating one of the most viral social media trends of 2021. Photo dumps are photos of almost anything and everything that you want to share about any particular event or even given day in your lif an an rang from a picture of your face to the sunset that you found fascinating. These carousel posts were quick to become the trendiest fluke due to their high relatability quotient in a world of competing aesthetics.   
  • Purpose-driven content – Content piece that has an underlying social message are gaining popularity these days. With the audience becoming more woke and aware in the recent times, users expect brands and influencers alike to take a stand in addressing the issues haunting the society. As a result, content creators who convey strong messages from the expression of their content are looked up to by the audience. They are unsung heroes of a movement towards a better society and make the audience feel more visible and heard by giving a strong voice to and a platform for their opinion. This has led to a more open and productive dialogue and awareness around sensitive issues such as inclusion and diversity, political inconsistencies, restoration of ecosystem and natural resources, etc.
  • Reels – In an attempt to boost competition with Tiktok, Instagram launched reels in 2020. This feature replicated to feel of Tiktok’s platform by giving the creators the flexibility of creating short-form content of up to 30 seconds (now extended to one minute). The feature became an instant hit with an effect of reducing the appetite for long videos. 
  • Remixes – The feature of reels in itself became a harbinger to other sub-trends to follow. The popularity of reels drove Instagram to come up with the feature of remixes that allow people to react to reels of creators. Remixes gave people direct visibility from the influencer network by enabling them to create a reaction video of their favorite reels. Instagram also encourages the adoption of its new features by boosting the reach of posts utilizing its new features to increase the adoption and popularity of such features.      
  • No filter pictures – With the entire world in Lockdown owing to the pandemic and nowhere to go, the impermanence of all things material began to loom large and made people realize the importance of self-care and the fear of being judged began to subside. This led to a social media movement wherein people embraced their imperfections and started to post untouched photos. Creators too propagated the movement by exposing their deepest physical insecurities and encouraged people to feel comfortable with who they are. 
  • Story-art – It is no secret that posting on stories more regularly can work wonders for a Creator’s engagement. Plus, they offer an added flexibility of being experimental, fun and of showcasing things that one may want to share with their audience but that do not complement the aesthetics of their feed. Stories provide a safe space for people to just be their most authentic self and connect with their audience more frequently, hence, the concept of story art, where people can create fun teasers for their upcoming content, is the most recent talk of the town.
  • Endorse brands that echo your values – The audience nowadays is fast in developing a sense of and resonation with values of a creator- thy will instantly know when a creator endorses a brand that does not align with the values that the creator claims to be otherwise associated with. It is best to stay true to yourself and your audience by associating with brands that represent your moral and ethical values, therefore, many creators these days are quick to show resistance when confronted with an opportunity that misaligns with what they stand for.