Are you stuck in a cycle where you create amazing content after amazing content but still can’t reach where you want to be? Yup, that’s common and pretty normal, to be honest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do anything to change that. So, let’s talk about engagement and making memes.

Engagement: The science

The science of engagement is simple to understand and necessary to stay updated. Many think that engagement in social media is like a roulette game; it’s not. 

You might have heard several people throw around the word algorithm whenever there is a discussion on social media marketing and such. We live in a world that is more or less defined by many algorithms. And it is a science that, if understood well, can change your game.

Go to your settings and take a look at all the posts that you have liked. Do you see any synchronicity there? Every single user of any social media platform has a preference for content. 

Now select a few posts with the maximum number of likes and find the common factor about them. Possibly now you can differentiate those posts according to those common factors. 

Now you know what kind of content is popular. 

Engagement: The art

Knowing what kind of content is popular and repeating them would only get you into a flow. You will be one in millions.  But if you want to stand out, you would have to ensure that the engagement flows towards you, which entirely depends on your creativity.

Imagine every content creator gets a piece of clay. Few of them would create pots; they would get engagement, likes, comments and follows; basically on the top of the food chain. They are trendsetters.

A few others would make the same things, but differently, maybe they’ll colour it. These content creators might not get on the level of the first ones but close enough. They are trend-followersRest will make the same, and by this tier, it’s just a flow that will die down soon. It’s reusing the trend.

What you have to do is try to be in the first or the second tier. And if that can’t happen, then use the clay to make a sculpture. It brings the flow of engagement to you. You are recycling the trend.

Memes: The art

Memes have been present in our world, even before the internet. Memes are defined as imitation, usually humorous.

A mimicking video, a creative to diss a particular societal norm, a parody; anything that can come under imitation and is instantly enjoyable is part of memes.

The best way to go about meme creation is to stick with the culture or society you know best. You can’t make fun of what you don’t know well. Unless you are comparing, in which case one of the comparative elements should be well known to you.

The main reason behind it is relatability. If the audience can’t relate to you, it won’t imitate you or react, in which case your meme would not exactly be a meme.

Memes: The science

The first question you should ask yourself before you create a meme is: Are you funny? If the answer is yes, (genuinely), then go for it. No one cares for lame jokes.

Memes are the most preferred content in the world of social media. Do you know some brands have meme officers?

They do. Just to create memes. It shows how captivating memes as content are.  Now imagine what power you could hold by creating a meaningful and relatable meme.

I’ll leave you with that…

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