Catching the eye of the audience can be really tricky especially for aspiring content creators as millions of them are already floating around on the internet. Here are 7 hacks for new bloggers to help you get through this rollercoaster ride.

Hacks for new bloggers to help them be successful

Starting out as a blogger can be scary as well as confusing. You might have an idea of what you want to blog but at the same time you may not be sure about how to present it. Best way here to move forward is to follow your instincts. Remember why you started blogging in the first place and stay authentic to your original purpose.

Hack #1: Pay attention to design 

Design of the website plays a very important role in how the audience perceives your content. It has to be beautiful and neat as well as align well with the type of content you are posting. Also the website should be easy to navigate and must have a customer support or feedback form so that visitors could easily send in all their queries to you. 

Hack #2: Choose a memorable brand name

Your brand is your online identity. Followers will remember and recognize you by the brand name. So put a lot of thought into this and pick something that is unique as well as creative. It should resonate well with the content you are creating and easy enough to be on the tip of the tongues of the audience. 

Hack #3: Be consistent

Consistent quality content always pays off in the long run. It helps you in getting loyal followers. Otherwise your blog might get forgotten in the pool of thousand other such blogs. Consistency doesn’t mean posting daily. Instead, make a timeline and stick to it. 

Hack #4: Write catchy titles

Headlines are the first thing that anyone visiting your blog post will read. Most of them decide then only whether your whole write-up is worth reading or not. So make it clickable, easy to understand and keyword optimized. Check out competitors’ blogs to get an idea of what is attracting more audience. 

Hack #5: Plan for long-term

Getting instant popularity is a little far-fetched. Don’t get disappointed if traffic on your blog is not touching sky within a month or two. Prepare a long-term schedule and plan your blog posts for the future. Keep on researching, adapting and innovating with patience. Soon enough you will see the results of your hardwork. 

Hack #6: Feedback is important

You should always welcome constructive criticism with open arms. They might not be comfortable to read but they will surely help you in improving your content. Encourage your audience to leave a comment with their opinion. You can also reach out to them with a feedback form. 

Try these hacks for new bloggers!

Try these 6 steps and  monitor our progress every 2-3 months. Eventually you will figure out how to deliver what the audience expects. And then the traffic on your blog will start reaching new heights. 

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