Food is a love language! Writing about food and clicking its picture is a foodie’s dream come true. However, creating lucrative content around it to attract and engage followers may get difficult sometimes. Also recently there’s been a spike in the number of food bloggers. Thus your style should speak for the classic taste and flavors you like to stand apart from others. 

Here are some other tips and tricks that could help you in creating exquisite content as a food blogger:

  • Food Is Colorful, So Capture It Colorfully!

Food Photography

Food looks enticing when it is pleasing to the eyes. Dull colors feel uninviting and tasteless. Imagine a pale-colored biryani placed in front of you. Would it seem delicious? Of course, not. On the contrary, imagine a bright-colored biryani placed in front of you. Undoubtedly, you would grab it without a second thought. That’s the impact of colors. So, when you click pictures, take care of the colors. Avoid clicking on dull lights. Choose bright shades. The shades enhance the deliciousness of the food you’re talking about.

  • Be Picky But Creative!

    Flatlay Collection

Everyone has a different taste and of course different favorite foods. Invest and explore everything yet make sure your favorites own some space in your blogging. This will not only allow you to create your own unique style but also will help you explore more about your favorite foods. Your page too will feel more genuine because it will represent your taste and choices. 

  • Talk About Your Food Experiences More Often

Food Photography

People know about food but what makes it different is your experience. Sharing what went through your mind when tasted a particular dish encourages followers to comment their story as well and thus creates engagement. This also connects you to them beyond food. Sharing could include a simple food routine or the impact of a certain food on your life. You can go as far as sharing how you came across different varieties of food, why you like it, what your food blogging journey is like, and what makes it special for you. Make it about more than food.

  • Explore And Do More 

Bake With Parth

There’s always a dish made for the first time. Explore flavors and experiment as much as you like. Keep an eye on what’s getting more response and what is not but keep on experimenting as well. Create and present without self-doubting your choices. You never know what will click with the audience and get viral. Also food blogging isn’t just about restaurants and cafes. Explore local dhabas and popular street food corners as well. It will give you more insights about what native people enjoy more. 

Choose colors, be yourself, and try local. With a defined style and friendly food conversations, your tasty food blogging journey will soon reach up to new heights.