You are probably a self-taught creator and that’s awesome. But when you’re brand new to content creation and just starting out, video editing is incredibly hard without years of training or spending buckets on expensive video editing tools!

In an era where mobile can record 4k videos, you don’t need a professional setup to edit Reels, YouTube shorts or any other video content!

If you want to learn how to create great videos using just your phone and the simplest of tools, then I want to introduce you to a few apps that will greatly improve your experience.

5 video editing tools you need to create captivating social content

Creator without the working knowledge of professional video making tools (Premiere Pro, FCP etc.), don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are lots of tools you can use on your phone to create cinematic videos.

Video editing tool 1: Viva Cut Pro

The app is best suited for those who want minimal transitions and effects in their videos. It has an extremely convenient interface that supports trimming, music overlay, transitions, along with key framing. Use it to make your videos neat and exciting. 

Download the app here.

Video editing tool 2: Alight Motion

One of the advanced video editing apps with a decent user interface. It can help you add chroma or motion tracking in the video and the existing presets will package the video with some amazing effects. Use it when you have to add icons or elements in your video content.

Download the app here.

Video editing tool 3: Power Director

One of the most popular video making apps that has a well laid and minimalistic interface. It supports features to reimagine texts, add cinematic looks, and motions in the video. There’s a huge library of inbuilt transitions and effects that can be used on Power Director app to create high end videos.

Download the app here

Video editing tool 4: Kind Master

One of the most convenient editing apps that has a minimalistic interface. It’s extremely easy to learn and that has contributed to its growing popularity. It supports a variety of transitions and effects and you can also mask areas of your video frame using this application. 

Download the video here.

Video editing tool 5: Adobe Premiere Rush

A compact offering from Adobe Family, the multi device app can be used to create high- end professional looking videos. The app has been specifically customized to support YouTube creators with inbuilt formats and templates. From colour grading to speed ramping, this app will make your video stand apart. 

Download the video here.

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