Like the search engine’s ranking algorithm, Instagram too has introduced its algorithm to judge the visibility rank of the posts a user will see in the feeds. This algorithm works on several factors so that it can rank the bars and give the proper exposure. In this article, we will discuss the aspects based on which the Instagram algorithm works in 2021. 

The Instagram algorithm judges the posts and their importance based on your interactions with the concerned user accounts. For example, if you have more interactions with your friends than your cousins, the Insta algorithm will show your friends’ posts first followed by your cousins’. 

Based on the type of posts you have liked recently, similar stories and seats will be placed higher on your feed. For example, if you have recently engaged with several food video posts, you will find that such videos are appearing first, followed by other types of posts. 

Timeline is one of the most critical factors that Instagram uses to work on your posts. If you are consistently maintaining a scheduled time, the algorithm will make your post visible accordingly.


If you have an extensive following list, the algorithm will display the posts from the most active user accounts in your following list. This will eliminate the ghost users whose accounts have been inactive for a long time.


The posts will be arranged in chronological order for frequent feed scrollers based on what you like and find interest in. But, if you use Instagram not frequently, the posts will be arranged according to what Insta algorithm thinks about your likes and dislikes.


If you use Instagram a lot, the posts shown on your feed will depend on your preferences and past likes on the Insta posts. But if you only spend a couple of minutes on this social media platform, the algorithm will display the posts posted on that particular day only.


In the above article, we have explained the six significant factors on which the Insta algorithm works and rank the posts to be shown on your feed wall. Based on these factors, you can also understand how you can get more likes on your Insta posts.