Influencers are always in the public eye. And sometimes they make a mistake and find themselves in the middle of a crisis. Most influencers out there don’t have a PR team and have to manage everything on their own. So if you’re one of them, here are three types of influencer crisis and how you can tackle them on your own! 

Influencer Crisis 1: “You said the wrong thing!”

Was there a time when you posted or said something that was offensive on social media? That’s called a judgment crisis. Here’s the thing about this type of crisis, it can get way out of hand and can escalate almost immediately if not taken care of. 

Meanwhile, here’s what you can do if you do find yourself in this mess. The first thing you should definitely do is to own up to the problem. It’s easier said than done, but it’s better than tooting your own horn and making a mess out of it. Know that it happens to a lot of influencers out there and it’s okay to make mistakes. Calm the storm by putting out an apology and having a neutral stand on the situation. But, at the same time if it’s something that you strongly stand by and few portion of your followers are offended by it, you need to explain to your followers on why you take the stance and try not to get too triggered by it.

Influencer Crisis 2: “Stick to what you began with!”

This is something that is a very common crisis amongst growing influencers. It’s when your community starts believing that you are no longer authentic in terms of your content. This happens when you started off with niche and later on branched out to other niches. 

You should know that it is okay for you to branch out and experiment with other things. It’s something that helps you grow, it becomes tough to stick to what you began with. 

Meanwhile, as an influencer, you can keep your personality prominent in the content you put up. It can be something that makes you, You! This will also help your followers feel more connected to you, the reason being that it conveys to them that you’re still the same person and haven’t changed just because your content did. For example, you can maybe have a punchline or do something in between videos, anything that is unique to only you.

Influencer Crisis 3: “Oh no! Not that picture!”

Have you been in a situation where you posted something that was embarrassing or not “Instagram worthy?” It’s okay! accidents happen. Yes, it might be something that’s embarrassing but it’s not the end of you career. As influencers, you are always posting content and sometimes you forget to check twice before posting something and it’s okay. 

Take a breather and here’s what you can do.

You can just straight up just delete the posts and the best part is you need to owe no one an explanation. You can just move on and continuing reigning on Instagram.