Decoding Siddharth Batra’s Instagram For Content Tips

Men and beauty is not a new topic. What’s new is the number of men who have become more experimentative and vocal about it. And we like to think that part of that transformation is due to content creators like Siddharth Batra.

The man breaking gender-normative boundaries in the world of fashion is our next stop on Decoding Instagram Handles. The series puts the accounts of creators like Sakshi Sindwani, Masoom Minawala Mehta, and Bruised Passports under the microscope. 

We pore over them for inspiration and tips that can help you build follower numbers and be better content creators. This time it’s rule-wrecker Siddharth Batra’s turn. 

  1.     Be unafraid to go after your passion. That’s the first and most important learning from Siddharth’s handle. One face mask at a time, he altered men’s beauty. He experiments with styles, makeup and jewelry with ease. 

  1.     Haters are going to hate. Make something useful out of their comments. His unusual, insouciant, and bang-on style attracts quite a lot of trolls and comments. But Siddharth has found an innovative way to deal with them. He’s converted comments into videos like the one below:

  1. Create unique content, different from what others do. The #GuyBeauty episodes by Siddharth are one example. The video series talks about both skincare and makeup for men. And because the topic was rarely handled, it’s been a big hit. 

  1. Make the content fun. Creating content on topics few people pick up is just half the journey. The content has to be information and fun. The first adds value to followers, and the second keeps them hooked. That’s precisely what Siddharth does by putting a new spin on his Guy Beauty Series. 

  1. Collaborate with other creators. A lot of Sidhharth’s content has Komal Pandey in it. As partners, they’ve learnt that couple content gets more traction. But it’s not just Komal he includes in his content. You’ll find content with other creators mentioned too, like Dolly Singh and Kusha Kapila. One example is when he sported jewellery from all of them.

  1. Take part in trends but put your own twist on them. Siddharth’s take on the “this or that” trend is a perfect example. He took something viral and blended it with a cause he champions – feminism. 

  1. Captions or content don’t have to be in English. Look at some of the recent captions by Siddharth, and you’ll notice he uses Hindi with panache. And since it suits his tone and voice, the captions are more impactful. 

  1. Three crucial tips that we take away from Siddharth Batra’s Instagram are a) use edited, professional images, b) keep the captions crisp ((but add the information your followers would ask for, like brand names) and c) have fun while making content. It shows.

There you have it, folks. Content tips from Siddharth Batra’s Instagram. Now, go forth and apply them with the level of confidence he sports!