Well, we know that social media has taken over most of the contemporary world. We also know that you have to establish yourself as a brand to sell your content on social media, i.e., to be an influencer. To brand yourself, you must have already tried sticking to a niche and thriving on social media. Wondering what else you can do?

Create your own website.

A website of your own can mean all your content in one place! Your blogs, your videos, your pictures, your vlogs- everything and anything in one place. This will help you sell yourself to brands better and build a cumulative portfolio for all your different media profiles.

Here are some tool that you can use to create your own website

  1. Wix.com- With a great track record, Wix is highly popular to build your own website. It offers lots of customization options and gives you creative freedom. It can be a little overwhelming with the vast number of options given. However some of the best features on Wix are paid- but the cost is pretty reasonable.
  2. Weebly- Ideal for small businesses- Weebly is extremely easy to use and has great plans for small businesses. They have structured themes that are sometimes frustrating but do offer best design practices. The prices are a steal, especially for someone who is just starting out.
  3. Site123- This is ideal for someone who isn’t very tech savvy. It is easy and simple to use. It helps you create a basic website with it’s pre-set texts, fonts, themes and more.
  4. Strikingly- This is another easy-to-use website which helps you create a stylish one-page website. I would recommend Strikingly for personal use over professional use. It is cheap, easy to use and is extremely user-friendly.
  5. WordPress.com- This platform is made for blogging. Any blogger you talk to would have used WordPress at some point in their blogging career. It is free to use with extensive blogging features that come in-built and are highly savvy. However, you will be presented with some challenges when you try to build a website using this platform.


Well, now that you know which websites you can use to start building your own- what are you waiting for? Go on and conquer the world. And remember to Do Your Thng!