YouTube is ruling as a video content platform despite the rising popularity of social networking apps like Instagram and Snapchat. It has always been content creators’ favorite because of the easy conversion of views into money through advertisements, super chats, memberships, etc. But the platform has too much competition and getting views or likes is a tricky task. So, here’s the secret to how you can grow on YouTube.

Suggestions on how you can grow on YouTube and attract organic views

  • Upload quality videos to grow YouTube channel

There’s been a myth going around that uploading more videos garners more attention on YouTube. This isn’t true at all. You can get viral with just one amazing video. Consistency does help in retaining subscribers and keeping them hooked on your content. However, quantity with low quality is a waste of effort as well as resources. 

  • Follow YouTube growth strategy

Quality videos attract the organic views only if you present them in the right way. Create an intriguing thumbnail and title that generates enough curiosity amongst the audience and they click on the video. Do some research as well to make a list of popular relevant keywords and mention them in the keyword section. These tried and tested strategies will certainly help in getting more views. 

  • Upload longer videos to get more views

YouTube has always been a platform for long videos. YT Shorts might have been added recently but the website still gives preference to videos that are more than 10 minutes long. Hence strategize your content in a way that it fills up at least 10 minutes. Do not rush yourself into making more short videos. Instead create few but longer videos for captivating more views. 

  • Find your niche for the YouTube channel

There’s a reason why popular YouTubers like Tanmay Bhatt and Flying Beast have multiple channels focusing on a different niche. It has been observed that channels having videos on one subject or topic get more subscribers. You may try different things in the beginning to figure out what works better. Still eventually your content should be around a particular theme. Do follow recent trends and fads but don’t lose your originality. 

  • Avoid fatigue as a creator

Creating too many videos in a shorter span of time can get exhausting. You might feel overwhelmed or get stuck in a creative roadblock. Popular YouTubers have also been victims of this burnout because of the pressure of constantly creating content and staying relevant. So do not push yourself to the point of over exhaustion. Upload few but quality videos. 

Marketing has as much value as the idea, execution and production of the video. Look around, dig deeper into YouTube insights, study your audience and viola! Soon enough you will be able to crack the code of being a successful YouTuber.