7 Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Engaging on Social Media


Creating just good content isn’t enough anymore. Marketing it the right way is equally important to grab followers attention. Thankfully Instagram has a lot of tools and features that help in increasing engagement and convincing algorithms that your content is worth showing on top. Listed below are 7 of those tips and tricks that you can implement to become an audience favourite: 


  • Caption With A Question


These days no one has time to read long captions. Most people on Instagram hit the like button and move on. So the best way to engage with followers is starting or ending the caption with a question. But it should be related to your content. For eg. If you posted a picture of you reading a book, ask a question like “What’s your favourite book?” or “Do you like reading?”


  • Reels


Instagram realized the massive popularity of short video format and launched reels sometimes back. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri himself said “Right now we’re focused on four key areas: Creators, Video, Shopping and Messaging.” Reels offer a vast canvas for creativity with so many features and filters. 


  • Story Polls


Instagram story polls are blessings in disguise for increasing engagement. A simple “this or that” or “yes or no” opinion poll doesn’t take much time for your followers and they happily choose one. More response equals more engagement and more engagement convinces the algorithm that the audience loves your content. 


  • IGTV Lives


Live videos may seem daunting but they are a great medium for getting real-time engagement. Decide a topic for live sessions like Q&A, current topic, etc. Your loyal followers would also certainly love to interact with you in-person. 


  • Engaging Through Comments


Try replying to comments on your posts. This makes your followers feel important and noticed. They will be encouraged to comment on your future posts as well. Not just this, engage with the posts of influencers you follow or those who post similar content as yours. It opens up the possibilities of future collabs. 


  • Story Highlights


Some pictures are better represented in stories than posts. However stories last for 24 hours only. This is where highlights come into play. If you add a story to highlight, it will forever remain on the top of your profile. Also highlights give a glimpse to people about the type of content you post. Make different categories of highlights to ease the search for the visitors. 


  • Giveaways and Contests


An age old technique of gaining more followers and tweaking interest of existing followers in your content is a giveaway. Collab with a brand or other influencers to expand the reach potential. Add rules like tag friends and share stories. All of these intensify engagement. 


Maintain a connection with your followers. Make them feel like they are part of your community through constant interactions. Soon you will be able to beat the algorithm and get all genuine engagement.