Our founder began DYT for a very simple reason. To give any content creator, big or small, a safe space to do what they love while the platform does the heavy lifting (read: find brand collaborations).

But what began as a simple creator-first platform has grown into so much more over the past years. As much as we help small creators be better influencers, we also learn from them. And one such learning was to use all the channels at hand to build an engaged and enriched community. 

Instagram may do wonders for reach, but Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn hold their own. With that in mind, we share how DYT uses LinkedIn to connect with its community. (And if you decide to copy our strategy, we’ll take it as a compliment).

Hiring alerts

We know a lot of content creators begin part-time. Content creation is a side hustle to their day job. So, we use LinkedIn to post all new vacancies within DYT, giving creators (and non-creators) a chance to work with us. 

Branded content

Since LinkedIn is also the medium through which we connect with brands, we often publish branded content. We’ve experienced that the content is just as useful for creators. It helps them better understand what it is brands are looking for and create accordingly (read: land more collaborations)

Roping in thought leaders

The people who make DYT come with a depth of experience in influencer and digital marketing. They often use their LinkedIn accounts to pen thoughts. For instance, Person 2 Of DYT, wrote a great post on how Instagram Live can be breached and what creators can do to be safe.

We use our LinkedIn account to repost such informative articles and connect better with our community. Another example is a thought piece by our founder on advocacy marketing published by Business World.

Case studies

Feedback is essential for growth. It is only when you know how well your content performed can you be a better creator. To that end, we release analytical data through brand case studies. The case studies prove the true reach (and, of course, potential) of DYT, creators and influencer marketing. 

App updates

Like every other app on this earth, DYT is constantly updated. We fix bugs, we add new features, and we make the app fun to use. We’ve experienced that LinkedIn is one of the best channels to tell our community what’s new with Do Your Thng.

Brand updates

Thanks to our creator community, DYT has worked with over 80 brands, from DaMENSCH to Nescafé to Savlon to Havells to Hershey. We rely on LinkedIn to keep our community updated on our various brand collaborations. 

Inside scoop 

Any creator worth their salt knows that the easiest way to bond with followers is to show your real self. Think behind the scenes, backstories, bloopers and more. So, we do the same. We use LinkedIn to show you the genuine, authentic side of the people who make Do Your Thng.