Write And Earn With DYT

Multiple thoughts in mind, a pen in hand.
Writing them down all in one place.

If you know how to write, or you have a flair for writing, come write for us!. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to pen down your thoughts about anything and everything related to the creator world.
It’s an open platform for all the creators to get all in one place. To begin with, who can write for DYT here are some tips to know:

  • You should know everything about social media. 
  • Your experience will speak for your work.
  • Your marketing know-how will do wonders.
  • A pop-culture person? You are in the right place.
  • Tricks or tips of hacking on socials or content. 

You sharing your words of wisdom will help you earn through your work. And helping you to grow and learn is what DYT is always up for.  But for every work there requires a few terms and conditions you should know for writing with DYT.
So, here are some basic tips which you need to be following:

1. Basics for Writing- 

 Never, ever let your writing get too long or boring to read and understand. Always, keep it conversational. Too much slang would make your writing go dull. So that brings us to never forgetting the purpose of your writing. Each and every word is essential for the reader so make it count.

2. Audience- 
These are some of the people for whom you write and who read your content. Make sure you know who your audience are and what you are giving to them.

3. Proof-read- 

We don’t want to find any error in our work after it’s done. So, before you publish your work, ALWAYS proofread your article. Make sure there’s no way of any mistake.

4. SEO-

 Never ever try to ditch the center player of your game. Try and use the keywords in your article. Where and how? Follow these steps:

 ? Once in the TITLE.

 ?Once in the HEADING.


 ?Once in the CONCLUSION.

5. Pictures-

No one likes to read plain text. To make it look more fun and creative in your style, try including pictures.

Rule- Never Copy Someone’s Image. How would you feel if another creator steals the credit for your content?

Don’t use large file sizes. If you want to reduce try using apps like


6. Plagiarism- 

NEVER, LIKE REALLY NEVER plagiarize your content. It should be 100% original. Any content carrying more than 6% of plagiarism will be rejected. So, A BIG NO!
Someone said it right “It’s ok to be inspired by someone, but be bold enough to be yourself.”

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As it is said on the top to Write and Earn with DYT, we will provide you with all your deeds i.e., you’re earning through your work from our platform. 

Get in touch with us ASAP! Only if you’re interested.