Look out of the window and what do you see? A bird flying? Clouds building up in the sky? Or, maybe just a rising skyscraper?

Astonishingly, spotting an Instagram influencer is that simple. Thanks to the massive explosion in digital landscape & consumption, the window to become an influencer is wide open. And why wouldn’t one aspire to become an influencer?

Instagram influencers project to have it achieved all- envious lifestyle, eloquent luxury, and significant influence. The 3 major factors that had been missing for centuries in traditional jobs (well, not anymore). The only hiccup in the influencer journey is breaking the clutter amidst the humongous numbers (probably, an influencer is creating content next door, while I write this article).

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Follow these tips to fuel your passion to become an Instagram influencer 

1) Pick A Niche

Being an all-rounder is cool, but maybe not for your Instagram handle. People follow experts who are best at a particular subject. Fitness is your passion, create content around workout-diets. Fashion is your religion, stick to it and experiment. 

2) Kickass Profile Picture & Bio

It’s the first thing a user sees while checking out your profile. Try to be creative and comprehensive in your bio and put up a kickass picture. It will definitely help in gaining extra likes and followers. Learn how to write an impressive bio here.

3) Dedicated Brand Voice

You are unique and the voice should reflect the same in your content pieces. Gaining confidence and consistency in voice will only help in breaking noise on the platform.



4) Capture Moment Marketing

Moment marketing, Topical Marketing, Trend Marketing, these all have become synonyms in the digital scenario, where capturing trends is the best way to influence audiences. Create your insight on trending topics to achieve both- new followers and engage existing ones.

5) Focus on Aesthetics

A common trait among top Instagram influencers is aesthetically marvelous feed. Up your game with flatlays, editing tools, lighting equipment, and invest in picking consistent themes to master the aesthetic part.

6) Start With Reels

No matter the type of your niche or passion, start your content creation journey with Instagram Reels. The reach & discoverability on reels is currently on fire and it’ll only gain extra engagement on your content piece. 


7) Reach Out To Brands

You’ll only become an influencer when brands back your content (by paying)  and collaborate. After achieving those magical followers numbers, start reaching out to the brands. The best way would be to download the DYT app where you can participate in branded campaigns and get paid while making your portfolio.

That’s it, folks!

That’s how you become an Instagram influencer.