Every social media platform is a space you rent. You don’t own it. If they decide to shut down or get banned (think TikTok), your hands are tied. That’s why we urge all content creators to have their own blog. It is a space that’s yours. You completely control it. But blogging is not easy, especially in today’s world where every second person is doing it. That’s why we bring you simple tips on how to increase organic traffic to your blog.

  • Be honest, authentic and transparent when blogging.

The most important thing a new blogger should know when building a bigger readership is to keep it real. When you use a genuine and candid voice, readers trust you. And that builds your base, bringing in more traffic. 

A simple way to be authentic is to create content around brands or products you already regularly use. When you are a brand advocate, your earnestness shines through. 

  • Be regular with posting content on your blog.

The most common mistake new bloggers make is posting irregularly. Google and readers penalise you for that. Maintain a frequency, whatever that might be – 1 post per 10 days or 3 posts per week. 

It is not hard to do it, as long as you pre-plan and are organised. The rule of thumb here is to always write blogs within your niche. Don’t randomly publish articles on any topic in your race to be more frequent. That won’t help. 

  • Find out which content performs the best on your blog.

Keep track of your blog traffic through Google Analytics. Find out which posts are performing the best. Then amplify them. Pin them on group boards. Reshare on socials. And link your other blogs inside that post. 

Also, recreate similar posts. For instance, if you’re a food blogger and your readers love easy recipes with few ingredients, share those. 

  • Build links in your blog to increase traffic.

Link building is crucial to increasing organic traffic to a blog. It acts as a trust vote. One way to do it is to inter-link posts within your blogs. Another, and more effective way, is guest posting. 

  • Make your content shareable to get more readers.

Humans are lazy. We want the most amount of return in the least amount of effort. For example, we’d read a blog post if someone shares a link to it. But if you ask us to open a laptop, Google the blog name and then hunt for the right post, we will never do it. 

That’s why you need to make sure people can share your content on social media with just a tap of a button. The more people who promote your content on Instagram or Twitter, or LinkedIn, the more readership your get. 

  • Don’t forget about Pinterest & Quora to get more traffic.

When it comes to blogs, Pinterest is the best way to bring in more traffic. Take excellent pictures, and then pin them on as many relevant boards as you can. 

Quora is another great choice to gain more readers. Spend time answering peoples’ questions in the niche you are passionate about. Make sure you offer valuable insight.

  • Read, comment and link to other blogs for more readers.

The blogosphere is reciprocal. When you read and comment on other people’s blog posts, they do the same for you. So, find other blogs that are in the same niche as you and get typing. It will attract more readers to your blog. And it is hands down the easiest answer to how to increase organic traffic!

  • Don’t forget about SEO to drive organic blog traffic.

SEO ensures that Google understands what type of content you write. It is time-consuming, but it is a must on how to increase organic traffic. Without the right keywords, your blog traffic will stagnate sooner than later. The key here is to publish content that people are looking for, and you’d automatically include the correct keywords. 

  • Don’t be afraid of a creative block.

At one point or another, bloggers face a creative slump. You are unsure what to write about, and that impacts your organic traffic. Don’t be defeated. 

A simple trick is to keep a diary where you jot down all the ideas that spring to your mind at any time. Then, when you face a block, refer to the journal. 

Lastly, never compare your blog to another’s. On that path lies false heartbreak. Keep working diligently, and soon enough, you’ll see an increase in organic traffic to your blog.