Worried about designing your content swiftly? Scratching your head over using Lightroom & Canva tools/techniques? Stuck in selecting that background element?

We have all been there. You’re riddled by numerous queries in the beginning. A creator’s journey can be overwhelming for there’s no specific route but only software to choose from. So, before designing your next piece of content, bless your skills with these amazing Lightroom & Canva shortcuts to reserve time only for creativity (no blocks!).

1) Selecting Elements with COMMAND/CTRL on CANVA.


You can always take the traditional route of going to the bottom of the screen for selecting elements or take the easy way out. Also, it’s super easy to get the Text box by simply pressing “T”.

2) Auto tone your Pictures with COMMAND/CTRL + U on LIGHTROOM.

A lifesaving hack when you’re a newbie and want basic correction in your pictures. Just enter the command and it’ll automatically take care of the contrast, exposure, shadows, whites, blacks, and much more.

3) Display free elements by searching with “brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec” or “brand:BAAAAP7rQ8M” on CANVA.

It’s best to explore the possibilities of a free version before migrating to the paid version of a software. In canva, you can either filter the entire list of free elements manually or simply insert the command in the search bar for finding the right element.

4) Multitask by Editing a copy on Photoshop with Command/CTRL + E on LIGHTROOM.

No need to switch your task if you have to edit the file on PHOTOSHOP, simply enter the command and a window will open on the software.

5) Save life with Quick Undo & Redo with COMMAND/CTRL + Z and COMMAND/CTRL + SHIFT + Z on CANVA.

The simplest of things can annoy you the most as is the case when you have to correct mistakes or re-correct them (irony!) on Canva. Use these commands to quickly correct your last move.

6) Go in Details by hiding all panels with SHIFT + TAB on LIGHTROOM.

Enlarge the image to screen size and work on detailing of the picture with this command. It’ll inspire the perfectionist in you.

7) Transform text to Uppercase: Shift + COMMAND/CTRL on CANVA.

It can be excruciating to manually retype the entire text (LITERALLY!). Use this hack to save time & relieve stress.

8) Crop or Rotate image by pressing “R” on Lightroom.

You can edit the perspective of your image by simply clicking the letter ‘R’ on the keyboard. Hide it by pressing the key again.

9) Quick text borders with Option/ALT + Shift + B on CANVA.

Borders are an easy way to make your content stand apart. Quick insert from the set of attractive borders by using the command on Canva.

10) Copy Settings from Previous Edit with COMMAND/CTRL+ALT + V on LIGHTROOM.

Maintain consistency in your content by creating default settings which can be overlayed across different set pieces.

Use these shortcuts to increase pace and productivity while designing your content. To know more about content creation or connect with creators follow DYT.