Since the launch of Reels in India in July 2020, Instagram has been improving the platform by introducing new features from time to time. Recently, Instagram has come up with Remix option which is in line with the Duet feature on Tik-Tok.  It allows the creators to be creative, show their perspective and collaborate with other content creators on Reels.

Let’s get into more details and understand the Remix feature better;

What is the Reel Remix Feature?

Remix is the latest feature introduced by Instagram where the creator can make a new reactionary reel which will come alongside the original reel. This is possible only when the original creator has enabled the Remix option on his/her reel. It’s an interesting way to collaborate, interact and engage with other people. Be it dance, comedy or a challenge, one can create awesome Remix Reel videos with their favorite creators. 

How to Enable Remix for Reels?

Instagram had created this feature keeping in mind the creators. So, if you want to open up your reel video to a wider audience and invite them to create a Remix of the same, you can enable the option of Remix. But if you are not comfortable with the same, turn the feature off. 

There are two ways to get this done;

1. Change Privacy Setting for all your Reels: Go to your Instagram Setting, click on Privacy, now go to Reels and Enable Remix. Note: Depending on region or device, the Reel option may not appear under Privacy. 

Settings  →  Privacy → Reels → Enable Remix 

2. Enable or Disable for individual Reel: On your Reel, select the 3 dots at the right-hand bottom. You will get the option to Enable or Disable the Remix. 

Select 3 dots  → Enable/Disable Remix

How to create a Remix Reel Video?

Instagram has kept this simple making it easy for its users to Remix Reels without much hassle. You can either Remix any of your earlier Reels or choose a Reel made by another creator (if the creator has kept the Remix option enabled). 

Step 1: Select the 3 dots on the right-hand corner. If the Remix option is enabled, you will see “Remix this Reel”. 

Step 2: You can record or upload your video for Reel. Once you add your video, the screen will be split in half, with the original video on the left and your Remix version on the right. 

Step 3: It’s time to edit the video. You can now Add Text, Mix Audio, add Stickers or do a Voice over. 

Step 4: Now that your Remix Reel is ready, it’s time to take it live but you need a good caption to go with your video. So, write something creative. Once done, hit the Share button and you are ready to go. 

You can watch your Remix video under the Reels tab and check who has Remixed your Reel through Instagram Activity Tab. The best part about the Remix Reel is that Instagram gives due credit to the original creator by mentioning their handle name along with yours under the Reel. This way, both parties get the visibility and there is no clash over credits. 

Now that you have learnt how to make a Remix Reel, it’s time to get creative. Show your talent and use this feature to increase the reach of your Reel and work with different creators.