We’re not going to waste your time introducing beauty content creators. You likely follow at least one of the many beauty micro-influencers (unless you’ve been living under a rock). So, without further ado, here are seven beauty micro-influencers that caught our eye and promise to keep it with their content! 

Beauty micro-influencer: iamroshanichand
Roshani is a beauty and fashion content creator. But more than that, she is a body positivity advocate. We love a creator who amplifies loving your own skin and body. Her content is a fun blend of affordable fashion and creative Reels on skincare!

Beauty micro-influencer: unofficialpicture

Chavvi is a beauty micro-influencer in Assam. An interior designer and a self-proclaimed creator of hair loss beauty, her content strongly speaks of wearable fashion. She is vocal about local products as well as international. For us, it was her inhibited post around menstrual cups that did it. We love to encourage creators who speak about all topics!

Beauty micro-influencer: aromasuman

Aroma is a Delhi-based content creator who dabbles not just in beauty but also fashion, lifestyle and makeup. The 25-year-old micro-influencer pays particular attention to skincare. What we got hooked on is her realness. Rarely do we see a creator who puts content bloopers on their feed. Check Aroma’s Highlights to find them! She also makes great use of her IGTV to offer more in-depth content to her followers.


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Beauty micro-influencer: moumi_sarcar

Moumi Sarkar is not a creator. She is an artist. One look at her makeup tutorials, and you’ll see what we mean. The micro-influencer also experiments with fashion and skincare content. If you’re looking for a creator who can show you the ropes on makeup or recreate celebrity looks, tap that follow button!

Beauty micro-influencer:minimalist_cravings

Geetika, a dentist by day, uses her voice for a mixed bag of content. You’ll find travel posts sprinkled with fashion advice blended with beauty product reviews. She is another content creator who understood that with power comes responsibility. So, she added direct tags to COVID-19 resource handles on her bio. She is also candid about embracing your true self – scars, marks and flaws included. 

Beauty micro-influencer: mystical.dimples

Aayushi is a budding fashion designer and a true micro-influencer. She may not have amassed many followers yet, but her Instagram handle is a treasure trove of beauty products. From Oriental Botanics to St Botanica, she reviews multiple cosmetics. If you’re looking for new skincare or haircare products to try, give her a follow. She is thorough and includes all pertinent information in her captions.


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There you have it, folks!

Beauty micro-influencers in the DYT community that we’ll be watching, and you should too.