As content creators, bloggers and vloggers always strive to make quality content for their audience.  But to amp up the video quality, it needs to be done the right way. You need not burn a hole in your pocket to get fancy gadgets, high-end cameras and equipment to make a top-notch video. 


Let’s see how you can improve your game as a content creator without spending too much;


  1. Phone Camera: iPhone 6 to Samsung models in similar range come with amazing camera quality for video making. Phone cameras also make a good option to shoot on the go. You need not carry an expensive camera everywhere. A phone is all you need to shoot a good video.

    Tips for shooting:

  • Look at the camera lens and not at yourself while making the video or your eyes will not be directed to your audience. 
  • Place the camera above your eye level. If you place it lower your chin will be seen in the video.
  • Transfer your content from phone to computer regularly to clear up space on your phone. 


  1. Tripod: A perfect way to stabilize the shoot, make it easy and hassle free is by getting a tripod stand. There are hordes of variety available and what you choose depends on your camera/phone and your budget. Ring light with a tripod is widely used and preferred by content creators. 


  1. Lights: A perfect light adds to a perfect video and we can’t stress enough on this. If the lighting is not right or well-focused, the entire effort of creating the video can go down the drain. Natural sunlight is perfect for shooting. Other light sources you could try are light lamps or desk lights. Light positioned at the back can cast a silhouette so place the light in front illuminate your face.


  1. Background: No one likes clutter. A video or content with too much clutter in the background can spoil the entire feel and look of it, making it unappealing to the audience. Keep the space clean. Preferably, use a plain backdrop and if you don’t have it, you can create it by adding a sheet of cloth as a backdrop. Place some plants, books or décor pieces by the side to add some visual treat. 


  1. Editing: Editing a video with a good app or software gives the video a finished look. Adjust the brightness, color and light. Remove unnecessary objects or people that appear when shooting in a public place. 


  1. Audio: The quality of the audio makes a huge difference to the video. For good results, you can use an external microphone and sync audio while editing.

    Tips for Audio recording:
    – Record in a quiet place. Turn off the fan/AC too as they make sound which can be heard in the video. Keep windows and doors shut to avoid disturbance or external sounds.

    – If you are using a clip-on mic, keep it in an upward position pointing towards the chin.

    – If you are using a built-in mic, check if it’s not obstructed by your hand, tripod grip or any other object.


These are the top 6  easy ways to set up a budget friendly video studio at home and make your content a hit with your audience. 



Hansa Kajaria