An Instagram audit is basically spring cleaning but for your feed. It provides you with an opportunity to analyse your content and make sure every post you make and Reel you create has a purpose and supports your objective to make content that adds value to your followers and community. 

8 steps to do an Instagram audit of your feed if you are a content creator

Here’s how you can do an Instagram audit to make sure your content and account is relevant to your followers.

1. Set your goals and identify your KPIs

It’s important to identify your goals and understand how these goals play a role in your content. So, if your goal is to get more engagement rather than followers, then your content should urge people to like, comment, share or save. Any content that doesn’t match your goals should be culled.

2. Assess your engagement levels

The next step in auditing your Instagram feed is measuring your engagement rate. Engagement is ultimately to ensure that you are having a two-way conversation with your followers. This may be through DMs, comments, story features. Any content that has low engagement rate needs to be improved or simply removed. Our advice? Try sprucing it up and reposting. 

3. Review the content you share on Instagram

You and I both know creativity is the key to do great on Instagram.  So, the next #thng in auditing is to make sure your content is well-rounded and holistic. Understand Instagram trends and identify ways in which you can use these trends to your advantage.

Instagram also provides a great opportunity to experiment. With its varied content formats, one always has the opportunity to try new ideas and see how they perform. IF they perform great? Congratulations you just started a new trend! 😉

4. Check your voice and aesthetic

Once the content formats have been understood it’s time to establish your voice and the aesthetics for your grid. These create a strong first impression for your followers and (stalkers?). Put up a great profile picture and focus on your highlights.

Make sure you update your highlights regularly. Choose a profile picture and highlight covers that represent you and your aesthetic. Another point to note: Make sure your profile name across platforms is the same. This will help improve your discoverability.

5. Pick the right Instagram Bio

150 characters might be limiting, but it provides you with an opportunity to capture your profile viewers with two lines. Make sure it captures the heart of your content. Use the clickable link feature to drive traffic to your other platform profile or website.

6. Review your growth strategies

Cross-promoting content with your other platforms, using the right hashtags are some growth strategies you can begin with. They will help you reach a wider set of audience. Work alongside other creators, collaborate with brands and host giveaways to drive your growth further up!

7. Assess your hashtag strategies

Using the right hashtags for your content can help you reach a multi-fold of audience across the world. This will also help Instagram understand your niche and help you reach the right kind of audience.

8. Analytics Reports pull you to the finish line

Go beyond insights for each post. Use the crucial Instagram metrics such as best time to post, location of your audience, age of your audience to assess your content and audience from time to time. This will help you understand why some posts might be underperforming while some other posts are doing really well.

Go do an Instagram audit now!

That’s it, folks!

Those were the steps to follow to perform an Instagram audit of your feed.  So, go forth and audit your Instagram account now and and make it kicka$$ for your followers.

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