Flatlay images are a vintage & predominant style of photography where an photo is shot from a higher perspective of the ground. Over the years, its prominence has grown rapidly with the popularity of visual-specific platforms like Instagram. With that as backdrop, we bring flatlay images tips for new creators and photographers.

Create spectacular photos with these flatlay images tips

Both brands and creators use flat lays to showcase their creativity, adding a dose of aesthetics while breaking the clutter on the platform. So, if you’re a creator looking for how to take flay lay photos, we’ve got you covered with essential tips. Thank us later for those extra likes.

Tip 1: Choose Your Colour Palette

In flatlay, your objects are your colour palettes. Choose props specifically according to the colour tone you wish to achieve.
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Tip 2: Background, Find a Flat Surface

Flat surfaces like a wooden plank work best for flat lay, as they add a bit of depth to the images. Aim to click a picture from a higher perspective.

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Tip 3: See The Lines of Arrangement 

The lines of arrangement aren’t horizontal or vertical but they work according to aesthetics here. Keep variety in object size to achieve a neat and best arrangement.

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Tip 4: Add Hands In The Frame

It’s the best trick that’ll instantly enhance the human factor in your pictures, thus increasing the likeability.

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Tip 5: Sip Creativity With Coffee

Experimenting with your morning coffee can give you much more than refreshment- an instaworthy picture.

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Tip 6: Breathe In With White Spaces

Do not clutter the images and fill the gaps with white spaces to add a soothing effect to your flat lay. For more tips on photography, swing by here (after you’ve reading finished this post).

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Tip 7: Make Room For Text

Plan your pictures according to the text you may wish to add later. It should be in sync with the overall imagery.

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Tip 8: Create Huge Shapes Using Small Objects

Objects tell about a personality of a person. Using multiple small objects to form a large shape isn’t just visually appealing, but it will also add layers to an image.

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Tip 9: Get The Lighting Right

Adding the right lighting lends character to the images. You can use natural bright sunlight or invest in artificial lighting equipment. In a way, the lightning in your picture showcases your vision.

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Final Flatlay Images Tip: Have Fun & Do Your Thng!

Isn’t it the most important thing to enjoy whatever you do?

Keep experimenting with objects, perspective, props, lighting, etc. to create the best flat lay layout. For inspiration, follow #Flatlay on Instagram to check references.

Or learn how to take flatlay photos on iPhone (or any other) with this course.

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