Wondering about trends and creator industry niches?

In 2021, the creator industry has surged drastically with the increase in digital content consumption. On social media, creators have given solid competition to branded content. Due to this, the virality of content no longer depends on the shoulders of celebrity endorsements or big-budget productions.

Authenticity in content creation has taken the front seat and therefore, there are mixed opportunities in the creator’s industry. To better understand the emergence of new niches let’s check out the latest trends.

1. Video Format Will Remain the Undisputed King

I bet if we make a video on this topic, it’ll go viral. The growing likability of short-form video content is a constant pattern on all social platforms. Users love to watch videos (and ignore other content on their feed). If you’re looking to better engage your audience in 2021, start by posting more videos.

2. Diversity And Inclusion Will Be New Normal

Inclusion is extremely important for a society to grow and the best way is to rethink the content we consume. Global brands like Nike and Puma were the firsts to be welcome this trend but in 2021, even local brands have focused on inclusion in their content and marketing strategy, e.g- Bhima Jewellery- Pure as Love ad.

3. “No Edits” For Content Authenticity

The #thng is that your followers want to be ‘in the moment’ and hence, it’s extremely important to be authentic with the minimum use of filters and editing in your content pieces. A decent frame and a creative idea are all you need to go viral.


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4. Deeper Connections In Branded Content

The focus today is on creating value-driven content. Therefore, brands are opting for long-term contracts or hiring in-house creators as one partner post is not sufficient to result in an impact. Look to solve problems with content and you’ll observe an increase in brand collaboration.


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5. A Rise in CGI influencers

It may be difficult to differentiate them at the first glance, but CGI influencers are more real in 2021. They have a huge following and brands (along with users) absolutely adore their content.



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Apart from these trends in creator industry niches, influencer platforms and networks continue to grow and pave way for new opportunities.

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