As a start-up that launched barely a few months before the pandemic, COVID-19 did a number on us. The plan was to fuel more workforce into the tech end of our app and make it kickass for the users in 2020. 

But the powers-to-be decided to throw sanitisers, masks and dirty dishes at us. Instead of tinkering with the UI and UX of DYT, we battled with work-from-home, covid-scares and brands deciding to put campaigns on pause.

But Holi just passed, bringing with it a new spring and a new (financial) year. So, we decided to double down on our goals and improve your experience in 2021. Here’s what you can expect from Do Your Thng in the next few months, both on the tech and human front. 


  • Updating the app


Worst app ever.” Every time we read these three words, that little heart in our logo goes:

We tell you it’s a dagger to our “full-sized aortic pumps” when users give us this feedback. We’re doing our mostest to keep the app free of glitches and bugs. But machines and software, we kid you not are not as easy they seem!

That said, we have tightened our belts and are ready to go to battle. This year, we’re releasing more updates and features so that the only feedback we get reads like this:

  • Introducing DYT campaigns


Another big change we’re making in 2021 is more in-house campaigns. 

If you’ve used the DYT app, you know brands want limited content creators. Often the number is in single digits. When 100s of creators submit their content for collaboration and the brand picks only 4, it leaves a trail of unhappy influencers.

So, we decided to create more DYT campaigns. These will be open to every DYT user, giving you more opportunities to do what you love and earn some moolah while doing it. 

  • Adding more DaMENSCH


One of our favourite brands is DaMENSCH. We’ve done plenty of campaigns with them, and the creators loved them all. The last one was particularly successful.

So, we got our thinking caps on and now plan to have more campaigns with them. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, and be ready to click that submit button!


  • Upgrading the team


You’d think that working in the influencer niche the DYT team would be absolutely comfortable on camera. Think again. 

Our bimonthly Friday meetings are an exercise in patience. We have to coax, cajole and charm most of the people into switching their cameras on. That’s another DYT update for 2021 – getting the Do Your Thng to be less camera shy so we’re not left talking to faceless voices all the time. 

And while we’re doing that, we’re going to get to the bottom of one of the biggest mysteries – who is the OG Friday meeting host at DYT: Simran or DJ?

We know that DYT needs more polishing and fine-tuning. We’re putting our blood, sweat and tears into it. Trust us. More great things are about to come your way!