One thing we’ve got to admit. Indian festivals have the best food! Each has its own specialty and we are all just pawns waiting to attack whenever we can. And with food bloggers posting the most mouth-watering, stomach rumbling photos and videos, we gotta do what we gotta do. Make the yummy food ourselves and binge. 

5 food bloggers that are killing it special recipes this Holi

Shikha Mathur ( @ajmerfoodie )

Her rainbow idlis are ringing all the right bells for the festival of colors. Food is all about spreading happiness and that’s exactly what Mathur, one of the best food bloggers according to us, does on her profile!
Check her out @ajmerfoodie for some unique recipes, street food content and to fall in love with food just a little bit more everyday.

Jagruti ( @jcookingodyssey

An Indian living in London spreading her passion for Indian food through the internet- that’s who Jagruti is. Her three layer chutney aloo bread pakora is a huge hit among foodies and food bloggers everywhere! She shares easy to make recipes of traditional Indian foods for the millennials and Gen Z of the world. Her microwave churma ladoo, semolina gujiya and of course three layer chutney bread pakora are just on the tip of the ic-berg for her limitless recipes on her Instagram! 

Swayampurna ( @lapetitchef )

A crossover between Indian and Continental food? Hell yeah! We’re here for that kind of content and Swayampurna gives you exactly that! Check out her thandai panacotta recipe for a cool, colourful Holi! And for all the 21+ daaru lovers out there she also has a cool new thandai shots recipe that we’ll level up your Holi celebrations. Can we ask for a better food blogger? 

Neha Mathur ( @whiskaffair

20 recipes especially made for Holi! Yes, you heard that right. Neha has curated 20 unique recipes specially for holi and you can explore all these 20 recipes on her website and Instagram! All of the recipes are unique versions of traditional Indian Holi Recipes and we’d like to eat all of them- if we could. But, gun to our head if we had to pick our favourite it would be her thandai cake – ‘cause who doesn’t love some cake..

Hina Bisht ( @funfoodandfrolic )

Holi is never complete without some chaat and Hina is serving unique take on this much loved food item. Just like her username suggests her Instagram and website are filled with fun, easy to make recipes that will for sure melt in your mouth and leave you craving for more! Her holi special bread basket chaat is a must try! 

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