Fernweh (ˈfɛrnve), German: The ache for travel

Trust the German language to have a word for that feeling of wanderlust where your soul craves to see far-flung locations. Travel bloggers will agree. More so after the pandemic, when crossing borders is seriously restricted. 

That brings us to the topic du jour. What does travel blogging look like beyond the tried and tested?

Travel blogging ideas for creating unique content

A usual travel blog is a place where you document all your journeys. Well, post-COVID, that doesn’t cut it anymore. 

No, we are not saying travel blogging is dead. We mean that travel content creators need to pivot and find a new perspective. 

Besides, travel blogging was getting too crowded. To stand-out, you need to experiment beyond the usual.  

Choose a niche within travel

When people search on Google, they don’t type “where to travel?” They search for “best ecotourism places” or “top places for solo travel” or even “where to travel with kids.”

The point is they narrow their search to focused topics, and that is what every travel blogger should do. Find a small niche within the broad scope of travel and create content around it. 

A niche can be anything:

  • A country like India
  • A city like Paris
  • A genre like hiking
  • Or even overlap with another genre like vegan food

The goal is to find a corner in the world of travel blogging that you love. Then become an expert in it. When anyone in the world wants info on hiking adventures in India, it is your blog they turn to.

Being niche-specific is the best way to cultivate a huge online community! So, here are some ideas to help you narrow down or dive deep:

  • Ecotourism 
  • Travel with RV
  • Food-based travel
  • Fashion and travel
  • Kid-friendly travel
  • Adventurous travelling
  • Religion-based travel idea
  • Road trips within a country
  • Solo travel (particularly for women)

Try out local travel

There was a time when continent or country-specific travel blogs were a huge deal. COVID-19 put paid to that, which is why local travel and staycations climbed to the top. 

Travel bloggers often forget to look within their own country for travel opportunities. Now is the best time to do it. Instead of the usual brand-name hotels, try out places listed on Airbnb. The same applies when you are exploring the city, town or state.

One, you’ll be helping local businesses whose bread and butter was devastated by the coronavirus. Two, you’ll be exploring a new niche that will attract more readers. 

  • Plan weekends to areas near to where you live.
  • For longer weekends clubbed with holidays, try road trips to other states. 

Book a ticket outside of travel

Fashion blogging, tech blogging, lifestyle blogging – all these are segments that often reach out of their industry. For instance, you’ll often see a photographer collaborating with a fashion content creator. 

But the same rarely happens in the travel industry. So, that is another travel blogging idea you can try. Step outside the boundaries of travel.

For example, travel to places that have good conferences and blog about them. It could be a tech conference or Comicon or even women in blogging meet. 

Blog about travelling in covid-times

The past year has taught us that the virus is not going anywhere. We have to take precautions to limit its spread. That means following all the rules and regulations of the city, state or country you’re visiting. 

Since each country has its own rules and often changes from week to week, that’s one more great travel blogging idea. Compile all the covid-related information on a country and then publish it for your readers

  • Do in-depth research for the state or country. 
  • Make it easy to understand for the readers.
  • If you are focusing on multiple countries, break it down, open for international travellers from India.

2 tips on travel blogging writing

Who says a unique travel blogging idea has to be related to actual travel? Sometimes traversing beyond means presenting an old subject in a new way. 

We mean to change the way you write. Think different and try something that’s not been done before. Example:

  • If everyone is writing funny blogs about Auli, try a serious tone. 
  • If most travel blogs are text heavy, try a video. 
  • Instead of the usual text-image-text-image layout, make your blog visually simple. 
  • Instead of a one-off blog on a city, create a series of social media posts that people can save for later!

Our last advice for travel blogging is not to choose any random niche. You have to be interested in it. Only then will you consistently create content around it – the golden rule to a content creator’s success. 

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