We know nada about fashion, or at least this writer doesn’t. If it’s comfortable, we’re happy to wear it. And since most of us are still working from home (read: from our beds), fashion hasn’t really been on our minds. But after a year of pandemic, we wanted some joy and, kid you not, some style. So, we let more intelligent minds prevail when it came to fashion trends for 2021.

Fashion trends influencers can replicate to grow their reach

We scrolled (and scrolled and scrolled) down the Instagram feeds of the biggest fashion content creators in India to determine which trends you should watch out for this year

  • Sheer fabric all the way.

Light fabrics with a sheer touch have slowly been taking centre stage. This year they will dominate. Be it a sheer top or a light organza saree, the fabric is made for the scorching temperatures we’re about to suffer.

Plus, the sheer trend let’s you be creative with looks. Look no further than fashion creator Diipa Büller-Khosla for inspiration. She keeps it sexy and mysterious with her gossamer dress. Even Masoom Minawala Mehta brings in the trend in her Indian wear.

  • Pop colours are everywhere.

This is one fashion trend of the year that needs no introduction. You’ve likely seen every fashion influencer wearing an outfit or accessory that packs a powerful punch of colours. Komal Pandey is the perfect example. 

fashion trends 4

Bright and solid rainbow hues make you stand out. Besides being high impact and eye-catching, they somehow inject optimism into life. Try every shade in the colour wheel. And within the same outfit, go for contrasting tones. 

  • Pick up that pink

From bikini to ballgown, from jackets to sarees, pink is seriously in. Blush, bubble gum or peony – every shade of pink is a fashion trend in 2021. And our favourite, Kriti Khurana, wears it flawlessly.

fashion trends 3

The goal is to have some shade of pink in your wardrobe this summer, from fuchsia to Pepto-Bismol. Or go bold with the entire ensemble a blaze of pink.

  • Florals to bring in romance

We know spring and summer mean florals. There’s nothing ground-breaking about it. But if you paid attention to the couture collections of SS21, you’ll know that blooms are making a comeback. We think it’s because the lockdown brought us closer to nature and (re)inspired the style

fashion trends 2

Think delicate, romantic floral prints with a hint of pink, if we may. Aashna Shroff does it with aplomb. She doesn’t waste the opportunity to add two more fashion trends of this year – pink and popping colour – with her makeup. Even the ever-hilarious Kusha Kapila got the floral memo!

  • Metallics are here to stay

The glitter, the metallics, the lurex – pull them all out from your wardrobe year. Anything that shines, sparkles and shimmers in the sun (or the moon) will make a splash in 2021.fashion trends 1

Need inspiration? Take a cue from Kompal Matta Kapoor. From shiny fabrics to sequins to oversized paillettes, everything works!

A special mention for men’s fashion trends

At DYT, more than being a community for creators, we wanted to build a platform that gave bandwidth to any topic, issue or passion. To that end, here’s a shout out to Siddharth Batra. The content creator is single-handedly changing men’s fashion in India. 

With one video, he includes almost all of the five trends fashion creators should watch out for this year. He dons floral prints, colour-blocked jackets, sheer shirts, and some bling to bring in metallics. We’ve even seen him rock some pink!

When the world is turned upside down, it is fashion that comes to our rescue. The boldness of it, the whimsy of it and the playfulness of lends a little joy when none is to be found. So, content creators, go ahead and revel in these fashion trends of this year!

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