When we started the M2S series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVID hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us introducing you to another pivotal human behind Do Your Thng.

Getting To Know The People Of DYT: Adesh

How do you get to know a person who became a part of the community a mere month before the world shutdown?

Through a screen. 

As a result, each one of us has painted a very different picture of Adesh in our minds. One of us feels he is an endlessly happy and positive thinker. Another one opines he is a creative thinker. 

Then there are people who think he is the ‘ultimate problem creator while testing’ and a problem-solving maven. Yes, we know those two are contradictory, but that’s part and parcel of Adesh’s job – creating and then solving issues. 

Catching our drift?

Moving right along, here are a few things about him to get you acquainted…

His Official Designation

On legal papers, Adesh Pardeshi is the DevOps Test Engineer at Do Your Thng. 

His Unofficial & Much More Important Position

Non-techies, calm down. Even we’re foggy on what DevOps means, though we can make a blind stab at the test engineer part. 

But it doesn’t matter, does it? 

To us, Adesh is the ‘technical genius.’ He is the software ninjaneer who solves all the little glitches that occur in our app. 

His Monday Face

Contrary to popular belief, some people start a Zoom meeting with the camera on and teeth blazing white. 

That’s Adesh – ecstatically happy even on a Monday (terms and conditions apply). He is happy and energetic if (and that’s a big if) Sunday went well!

His Saturday Face

By the time the workweek is rolling off to an end, most of us are running on empty. Adesh decided to be the exception to this rule. 

He has energy. Active, bursting-from-the-seams energy. Even on the last working day of the week. 

But that doesn’t deter him from being annoyed and hoping to the lord that we stop deploying on a Friday night!

What’s His Bread + Butter?

Who’d have thought that answer could be bread and butter? 

But apparently, it is for Adesh.

Give him butter with Maggi, butter with chicken, bread with chicken, or even bread with paneer, and he is happy as a clam. 

Work-wise, the answer is different and obvious. He can’t live without his phone and his laptop. 

Adesh is perpetually online. It doesn’t matter if it’s 0-dark-thirty or bright and early, which also means he is the card-carrying member of the high-on-coffee club. 

What The Team Thinks About Him?

Adesh is the face of the tech team. The go-to person when you have issues with the app. He is unfailingly hardworking, solemnly dedicated (to rooting out bugs) and consistently punctual. 

We know. We know. We know. He sounds like a paragon of virtue. Read on, please. 

What The Team ‘Really’ Thinks About Him?

There is just one thought we spend too many of our Grey cells on – when does Adesh work? He is constantly in meetings.

Also, somewhere under the complicated strata of positive thinking and testing genius is a person who never sleeps, like Bombay. 

What He Brings To Do Your Thng?

Adesh is the Wall of China protecting the developers from being murdered by users. He is also the one making sure developers are not at each other’s throat.

How does he accomplish this Herculean task? By ensuring quality and solving any technical problems in the app. 

That he does so with oodles of cheer is just an incidental benefit for us. What interests us more is if ever you need a trekking buddy, Adesh is the one to call. 

What DYT Brings To Him?

A teaspoon of anxiety, a tablespoon of tension, a fistful of headache and mountains of work, including interacting with clients and completing Jira tasks.

For Some More Down And Dirty On Adesh