With so much sponsored/paid content on a daily basis on these social media platforms, you sometimes might wonder if there is anything real left. Surprisingly, there is! And this comes from Bollywood.


Yes, Bollywood, which takes the major part of influencer money in India. Where the top lot use their social media to promote their own brand endorsements, and as much as political campaigns or you can say awareness campaigns. Besides this, the major campaigns in India for Bollywood are for Banks and Mobiles. Yes, you heard it right. Banks. Premium cards, festive offers, life insurances, you name it. It’s in there.


But few of these top Bollywood celebrities also promote small businesses. Here are top 3 of them


Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Actor and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra Jonas started an initiative during the start of the pandemic to highlight a slew of women-founded small businesses that were facing the wrath of COVID-19, and encouraged her followers on Instagram to “check them out, follow them, or make a purchase.”

She, who has around 60 million followers on instagram, gave a shout out to 15 such businesses. From jewellery designers to sustainable fashion stores, from bakeries to footwear brands all were covered.


Kareena Kapoor khan

She joined Instagram last year and a few months after announced her support for small businesses in the country. 

She, who is passionate about gardening, is supporting an Ahmedabad-based small business, myBageecha, and is encouraging others also to discover and support a small business of their choice. Her love for gardening led her to myBageecha, a wonderful small business that is helping make India and its homes greener. And with Instagram,she now has an opportunity to support such small businesses


Mira Kapoor

She has always been a big supporter of sustainable fashion and this time she topped it up by adding a dash of sunshine to our social media feeds in a bright yellow dress hand embroidered by the women artisans of SEWA .

She encourages the karigars and artisans of our country, who are the caretakers of this tradition and asks people to support them



Isn’t it lovely to see these celebs standing for a cause. Let us all think for a moment and support the brands that we feel connected to. Write in the comment section, which brand says your Thng!