Several creators often complain that they are not getting anywhere on Instagram. Growing on Instagram can be a slow process at times, but it can be done if you follow the right approach. It is important to remember that the slow growth on Instagram might not always be due to the Instagram algorithm, but it may be a result of how you are using Instagram. 

 If you feel that you are losing followers on Instagram or being stuck, then it might be time for you to change a few things. For instance, you could use a different set of hashtags, change the time you post, or publish video content if you are not using them. In addition to that, here are three things you should stop doing on Instagram if you want to grow. 

 Publishing Contents That Do Not Offer Value Or  Entertainment 

 If you want to grow your Instagram followers and keep them engaged, you will need to regularly post contents that educate and entertain them. If the posts on your Instagram page do not offer any kind of value to viewers, then they are more likely to unfollow your page. 

 You should consider including informative video tutorials that may help them to solve problems. You could also create memes or other kinds of engaging content that will instantly capture the attention of users and urge them to share with their friends.

 Poor Captions

 It is true that attractive and stunning images have the ability to attract viewers. However, if you fail to add an engaging caption along with the image, you may not be able to achieve the desired post engagement that you are looking for. 

 You should use the caption to explain what the image is about, who is in it, or why it is important. In addition, you can also ask a question and include a CTA in the caption.


Not Posting Unique & Fresh Content 

 There are several influencers and content creators on Instagram who focus on the same niche. So, it is crucial to focus on creating unique and fresh content that none of the other influencers in your niche have covered. 

 That said, you can always post topics that are trending because trending topics will surely lure in more customers to your page. This will in turn boost page engagement and help you gain new followers.