Approximately 70% of people in India who already use the internet prefer Indic languages over English. And 90% of new internet users want content in a language that’s similar to them. 

So, we couldn’t really put it better than Think With Google:

“In a vast and diverse market like India, appealing to the non-English-speaking majority of the country’s population can deepen (a brand’s) connections with new consumers…”

With this in mind – that vernacular content creators can help a brand scale – we give you four south Indian creators and influencers to collaborate with for your next influencer marketing campaign. 

Sadhique Aboobacker

Instagram followers: 235k

Genre: fashion and lifestyle

At one point, Sadhique was crowned the most popular blogger in Kerala. And we get why. 

From cars to perfumes, the creator promotes a plethora of products all in excellently shot pictures. His content is not only professional but also creative, clean and exciting. 

He is also the founder of Fame Pays, the first influencer marketing & talent management platform in Kerala. This just goes to prove that Sadhique is a true creator – one who gives back to the community.

Jahnavi Dashetty

Instagram followers: 865k

Genre: fashion, decor & travel

Better known as Mahathalli from the Mahathalli Mahanubhavudu series, she is a whiz at Telugu and Tamil comedy skits. But what makes her the perfect creator for brand campaigns is her genuine and natural style.

We recommend her because Jahnavi doesn’t shy away from talking explicitly about any product. Case in point: her Whisper campaign. 

In case you’re looking for a south Indian influencer for fashion, skincare or lifestyle product, she is the ideal fit. 

Priya Prakash Varrier 

Instagram followers: 7.1 M

Genre: lifestyle

You know her because of the iconic wink in the Malayalam movie – Oru Adaar Love. If you still can’t place Priya, check out the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi.

Though not a creator per se, because of her roles in movies like Sridevi Bungalow and Love Hackers, Priya still wields a lot of authentic influence. Her Instagram page is a mix of professional snaps intermingled with candid content. That’s why she is so popular with South Indian brands for collaborations!

Samantha Akkineni

Instagram followers: 13.6m

Genre: actress

A Tamil and Telugu film actress, Samantha is the exception to the rule. She proves that celebrity influencers can also have high engagements. It’s her laid-back and easy-going content that’s built a loyal following. 

She also regularly interacts with her followers, which has built authentic connections and relationships. The result of which is brand campaigns that give great ROI!

South Indian Creators Drive Your Brand Further

People react to ads, promotions and content more when it is in their mother tongue! 

Plus, when you use region-specific lingo in your content, your advertising buck goes further. Why? Because vernacular content helps reach newer and lower CPA audiences. 

In other words, using south Indian creators ensures that your brand campaign is in the language closest to the user’s hearts, and that drives your ROI!