TL;DR: A short blog on tips for new food bloggers to help them become better content creators


Food blogging is not just a hobby, it is a passion, an art which only some of us could follow. Preparing food is difficult but giving instructions, explaining each and every step and then making it presentable is much more difficult.

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” – John Gunther

Food blogging gives you a chance to showcase that talent in front of everyone and spread the aroma in everyone’s kitchen. So, if you are a budding food bloggers, here are a few tips to give your career a pulsating rise.

1. Be original

Create content about what you love and what you know about it, it makes your content more appreciable.

2. Never get tired

It is important to have patience in food blogging, it may take a long time to see good growth so just stick with it.

3. Be easily accessible

Keep yourself responsive and reachable to followers. Reply to comments on your socials. This is the best tip new food bloggers can utilise. 

4. Composing of pictures

Composing pictures seems easy but believe me, it is the most complicated step in food blogging. For a good and attractive photo of your food, search for good light, and try different angles. Focus on the main food instead of napkins or cutlery. Don’t take a photo from too close, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the food.

5. Learn to manage time

It is important to post regularly within a fixed period of interval. Note down your plans, make a tight schedule, and  prepare yourself to improve every day. Always be ready for your next move and never start blogging without a plan.

6. Write descriptive content 

Whenever you write any blog try to make it easy and approachable for your followers. Try to be more precise in describing your recipes and requirements.

Need more tips for new food bloggers?

These were some tips which will prove to be a great help for food bloggers. If you need more help with building yourself as food blogger, read here, here, and here. 

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

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