Even Google has stories now. 

We’re not kidding. Check this out!

So, suffice to say Story format is the clear winner in content. Every social platform out there uses it. And every content creator should also – especially if you want to up your game

That’s why creators are now posting 3 times more on Stories than on their feed as compared to 2016. And that’s why we gave you hacks to improve Instagram Stories.

But now is the time for LinkedIn Stories and how a creator can make the most of them.

What are LinkedIn Stories And How To Use Them?

They are a little late to the party, but let’s just say they have arrived! 

LinkedIn did their research on how the most humane way of sharing content fit in a professional network. They found that stories are an excellent substitute for ‘water cooler moments.’ 

Through LinkedIn Stories, you can connect with colleagues and peers less formally and more personally. 

That’s why they decide to include the 24-Hour format to the platform. The stories are visible at the top of the feed on phones and can be shared through direct messages.

(FYI, they are still rolling out the feature so not all users may have it as of yet)

In case you do, here’s a lowdown on how to create professional Stories:

  • You open the camera, record a video (maximum 20 secs) or take a picture. 
  • Upload the photo or video.
  • Overlay text, stickers, or ask a question of the day.
  • Tag any users you want.
  • Then post!

For more on how to post LinkedIn Stories, hop over to the official blog. This post has FAQ like how to edit or delete a story.

Tips On Creating The Best LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn is a very different platform from Instagram. So, the way you use Instagram Stories will not cut it out for the former. 

Your audience will be poles apart. That means you need to put thought into creating LinkedIn Stories. Here are 3 tips to get you started.


  • Post Real-Time Content


There are moments when you don’t have the time to polish your content and make it absolutely professional. Like when you’re posting from a live-event.

For such instances, Stories are the best fit because they vanish after a day. That’s just enough time for your followers to consume the content without picking up on the off-the-cuff feel. 

FYI, if you’re hosting a live, then use the Stories to create hype around the event.


  • Share Professional Tips


Got knowledge on how to get the best brand collaborations? Have helpful tips on how to make your content more professional? Share it with your audience.

Any in-house knowledge you have will be perfect for LinkedIn Stories. Just keep in mind that:

  • The stories have to be skimmable. If you’re sharing 5 tips, do so in 5 different slides, not in 1 image. 
  • Make the stories fun and light.


  • Start a Q&A or AMA


If Stories are universal to all social media and then Q&A is universal to all Stories. 

Irrespective of which platform you create Stories on, an ask me anything or question and answer round always works.

You can use the Q&A to show a more human side to your brand or answers queries that you often get asked! The inverse will also work. Ask your network a question.

That’s not it. LinkedIn Stories can be used for a lot of different content:

  • Reviewing a new product
  • announcing a breaking news
  • documenting your daily hustle
  • sharing the end of your workday
  • showing behind the scenes of your work

As ever, what matters is adopting the format. Because every creator knows that those who dive in early, get ahead of the competition. 

So, go ahead and start a conversation with LinkedIn Stories!