Way back in March, when the lockdown was just imposed, our founder gave us tips on working from home. One of his advice was that for newbies, remote working is freeing. 

It’s exciting because you can get up 15 minutes before the workday starts and still punch in on time. It’s exhilarating because no boss is sitting on your head. It is liberating because you’re not stuck to fixed metro or cab hours. 

He went on to say that after some time it gets isolating. What he was too polite to mention was that it could plummet motivation and make productivity zilch. We thought since remote work is here to stay, why not turn to creators to get rid of work from home blues. 

We stanned some of the creator community’s biggest names to find out how they cope with working from home. These are the lessons we gathered:


  • The golden rule: change your clothes


Switching from pyjamas to semi-formal office wear is essential. As Aashna Shroff says, dressing up for work is the best coping mechanism. A simple change of outfits can seriously lift your spirits, and when you are in a happy mood, you work better. 

So, if you’ve been working in sweats till now, take this step to improve your productivity.


  • The rule of thumb: dedicated workspace


Every creator will tell you that while you don’t need a studio to produce content, you do need a corner with a nice background and great light. The same rule applies to work from. 

Create a dedicated area for work. When you define a workspace, it feels like an office (just at home). And that changes how you approach work. It becomes routine to get up, change clothes and go to your home office. That accelerates motivation.


  • The unspoken rule: value mental health


Majority of creators work from home. They know the struggles, the challenges and the toll it can take on mental health. That’s why almost every creator is an advocate of keeping your mind healthy.

Here’s how you do it:

Taking breaks from work is important.

The vlogs of That Boho Girl were a godsend during those early months of lockdown. They proved that balancing personal and work life is essential to keeping a balanced mind.

Always set aside time for hobbies.

Every day set aside some time for things you love. Food, workout, beauty, painting, or just chilling with your favourite music or show – take your pick. Splitting your time between hustling and other activities gives the brain time to recharge.

Fix a routine and stick to it.

Waking up at 7 am one day and noon the other. Having dinner at 8 pm some days and midnight on others. Working from home tends to haywire routines, and that can impact your mental health. 

Fix a daily schedule and stick to it. It will calm your mind and lessen anxiety. A tip here is to start small and then work up to a rigid routine. 

Eat healthily, and stay active.

Being confined to four walls has turned a lot of us into sloths. When you’re working 8 hours for office and then diving right into house chores, you get tired (read: lazy).

Why exercise when you can waste time scrolling through the ‘Gram? Right?

Well, apparently not. Staying active is the core tenet to a fit mind because working out releases happy hormones. And because we are what we eat, eating healthy is equally important. 

Just find a way to cope with working from home

A lot of people enjoy working remotely. But for some, it means juggling kids, partners, housework, and more. Add to it that you are separated from colleagues and peers, it is hard on your mental health. 

It is high time we understand the gravity of the situation and start taking the right steps to deal with it

Read motivational quotes if that’s what gets your thoughts to a happier place. Watch Srishti Dixit’s hilarious content if you want a few laughs. Or read Deepika Padukone’s guide to mental health

Do whatever it takes to cope with working from home. And when all else fails, please do not hesitate to ask for help. 

Last, of all, let others know they are not alone. If you have the mental bandwidth, ask people – ‘are you okay?’ 

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