The one question every new creator Googles at some point is “how to make money on Instagram?” or “how to get paid for Instagram posts.” Well, DYT is the answer. 

You download the app. Pick a brand campaign you love, create content, hit post, and earn! We made it that simple. But in the past few months, a lot of users have asked how they can earn more money by posting on social media. 

Well, the answer is the DYT score. 

What is the DYT score?

The DYT score is the fundamental metric that measures your influence on social media. You see the DYT score after you connect the app with any social media account. 

Our algorithm automatically calculates your DYT score based on multiple factors:

  • The number of followers you have (real not bots).
  • The growth of your audience.
  • What is your engagement rate?
  • How good is the quality of your content?
  • How often do you post?

The score you get can range from 49 to 990. The amount you get paid for participating in a brand campaign is based on this number. The higher your DYT score, the better you get paid. 

Why don’t all creators get paid the same amount?

Because different creators have different influences. Users who produce great content and impact more people have more audience engagement, so they get a higher payout. 

It’s only fair, after all.

Can you increase the DYT Score?

Yes, you can!

We update the score daily because we know the popularity of creators rises with time. You may influence only 3 followers today and 30 the next based on your content. 

How to increase the DYT score?

So, how do you go about increasing your DYT score and earning more by posting on social media? There are a number of steps you can take:

  1. Be more active online. This means you post more content. 
  2. Post good content – content that resonates with your audience and gets you more comments and likes. 
  3. Get more retweet and shares.
  4. Interact more with followers. This means replying to comments and questions.
  5. Respond to posts by other creators. It helps gain more followers. 

All four of these tricks will help your DYT score climb and get a better reward for posting content. 

Connect to all your social networks

There is one more way to earn more money through DYT. You connect to all three social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Because we give you a separate DYT score for each network. While you may not have a great DYT score for Instagram, you can have an excellent one for Facebook. It means when you join a brand campaign for Facebook; you get a higher reward. 

Also, by connecting all networks, you can participate in different campaigns on different social media at the same time. It doubles your earning. For example, you create content for a Twitter campaign and an Instagram collaboration. You get paid for both of them simultaneously. 

The gist?

We developed DYT to help people like you spread the word about brands, charities and causes they love and earn while they are doing it. Our goal was to create a fair system that compensates you for the effort you put in. That’s why we keep updating the score. 

Typically, the reward starts low, but it jumps up right after your first campaign. From there on, as long as you put in hard work in building an engaged community on your social media, you can keep increasing the DYT score. 

In other words, keep earning more money on Instagram (or Facebook or Twitter).

Haven’t downloaded DYT yet and set your creator growth on track? Snap up the app!

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