Whether you’re planning to switch from a full-time job or looking for a side hustle, you need to figure out a blooming career prospect that can be held over time. The recent pandemic has halted most of the jobs, but creators have only gained momentum. Their reach and following have soared with people staying indoors and increased screen time. In some ways, they have helped us relieve stress & anxiety by engaging us with impactful content.

But not all creators are the same, and their paths are bound to be different. It’s also important to follow your passion, especially for creative people who often feel unaccomplished and unfulfilled in traditional jobs.

Well, it’s a good time to be a content creator as there are multiple trajectories that you can follow. Digital penetration has paved the way for new-age careers where you can earn decent remuneration and be satisfied. All you need is willingness, skills, and passion to secure these jobs (RIP: fancy college degrees).

Let’s find out more about these career options for creators

1. Social Media Manager 

If your days are spent better on social media, this is the job for you. All you require is the ability to gain organic followers and engage them with content, and voila you’ll get paid for it. Almost, every company hires a social media manager to maintain their digital profiles. We recommended brushing up on language skills, study ad management, and keeping up with the trends to excel in social media management. 

2. Content Writer

Writing is the starting point of almost every creative career. Just take that pen (or keyboard) and let your creative juices take over. Companies and online portals are in constant search of writers who can produce high quality and creative content. You can either choose a full-time job or choose to be a freelancer.

3. Influencer Relationship Manager

Well, if your friends are influencers or creators and you happen to have a large network (from school, college, community), you can be hired as an influencer relationship manager. Agencies and productions require a pro to manage their influencer interaction and make it profitable for brands, leaving you with an opportunity to shine.

4. Campaign Manager

A highly lucrative job in the current scenario, where a person manages end to end campaign execution for brands & individuals. All you need to do is to keep up with the trends, emerging technologies, and develop a knack for strategizing, in order to excel as a campaign manager.

5. Freelance Video Editor

Aren’t our days spent watching videos? From social platforms to news channels to brands to weddings, every sector has been revolutionized by video creation. There is a rising demand for video editors and if you possess the ability to edit with decent cuts and transitions, you can make a career as a video editor.

These jobs will only get doubled up by 2025, and it’s high time to pursue a career in these recommended fields. You can also earn while you follow a passion with DYT. To know more about the opportunity, connect with DYT.