We are all huge fans of Fitbit’s wearables. From accessing your heart rate to analyzing your sleep patterns to observing your arm-movement pattern. They have it all well researched for your health and benefit.


With the spread of coronavirus, the biggest challenge is that people don’t know about it. For every disease, there is a defined set of symptoms, precautionary measures, and cures. The world hasn’t found enough detail about it which makes it deadlier than all the other diseases.


In this regard, Fitbit has taken a step forward, its new device aims at detecting early symptoms of COVID-19 infection. The wearable is called- Fitbit Sense. It has a stainless steel back which has a Skin Thermometer. The structure of the device is dedicated to the fitness and health of the person wearing it. Let’s dive into the changes made by Fitbit in its sensors:


  1. EDA: Among its other sensors, one is an EDA (Electrodermal Activity) sensor which measures your stress level.


  1. PPG: Another sensor is the PPG heart rate sensor which in this device has 6 LEDs that improves your data of workout accurately. These use photoplethysmography to measure the blood flow in your body. It also measures any change in your heart rate.


  1. SPO2: Next is the SPO2 (saturation of peripheral oxygen) sensors. It measures your oxygen levels in your red blood cells.


  1. Accelerometer: It keeps an account of your steps, sleep, and your exercises.


  1. Gyroscope: It is one of the new sensors. Usually, this six-axis sensor observes the angular velocity of the wrist of the owner. Currently, Fitbit uses it only to track laps and strokes when you are in the pool.


  1. Barometric altimeter: It is another sensor that is new in this device. It counts the flights of stairs you take every day.



The company conducted a study while prepping this device for the world. They found that a Covid virus can accelerate your breathing rate, your heart rate, and can de-accelerate your pulse variability. Half of the time, this data changes a day or two before the real symptoms start to show. The new device’s sensors can detect your fever also. The thing that Fitbit is still working on is a system to alert the owner about the infection.


This means that by reading your own data, you know when it is time to home quarantine yourself. All in all this device looks like a great way to fight this coronavirus. I can’t wait for it to be launched in India. It is another step towards our safety and the safety of others around us.


Cover Picture Courtesy: Fitbit’s Instagram