Animals are nature’s beautiful creatures. They are amazing, extremely adorable and so distinctive. Did you see the recent picture of Black Panther roaming freely in the forests of India?

Recently, on a visit to my cousin’s I found this charming Parakeet who flew and landed on my shoulder. I was in a state of complete bliss. That is what animals no matter what the size, do to you!

During this pandemic, we got to witness some of the amazing sights of birds and animals wandering around while the social animal was locked up at home. I always wanted to have a Tiger or Cheetah as a pet but had my parents allowed that I wouldn’t be alive!

Thankfully we have a few kinds that we can keep with us at home as pets. My preference since childhood has always been towards dogs! I mean c’mon! However, over the last couple of years, the idea had changed. I like cats too. Yes, there I said it!

This is all thanks to the pet influencers that we have on Instagram! We collected a list of 9 pet influencers who made us fall in love with animals all over again! So, let’s quickly get started!



  1. PawsIndiaOfficial:



It is a page where you find animals and animal memes. So if you are fond of dog or cat memes, this is the right page for you! They also share tips, habits, and practices to take care of your animal and its business. They deal with cats also, basically any animal with paws but mostly dogs so yay!


  1. JustDogsIndia:



This is another page that deals with dogs and cats! You find videos from various dog and cat owners, absolutely delightful pictures of the world’s cutest dogs, and with that comes attractive graphic visualization of the animals!



  1. Indogspot:



An important thing about this page is that these people organize QnA sessions with vets and other animal experts. You can always post in questions with regards to your pet and your queries will be addressed. Along with this, these people post photos of pets from different people- celebrities and common people.

  1. HappyTailsPune:



This page is handled by Meer Thosar. Exclusively dogs, she is a specialist in dog aggression and canine behavior. She also addresses tips to train your dog and how to handle their moods. Along with all this, you get to see some cute dog stunts and pictures which will make you want to have one right away!


  1. CaraBelleCat:



This page is the reason why I fell in love with cats. They are so amusing and lovable that you would want to get one. The innocence and sweetness just spill from their faces in each and every picture.


  1. CherryTheBeagle:



Have you seen a dog and cat friendship? Well, if not you can see it here, on this page. They cuddle, they play, they fight and they eat together like any normal human sibling!


  1. Pikachu_Angrybird:



Along with our favorite quadrupedal creatures, we have this little creature. This page is for all those bird lovers. There are two cockatiel birds- Pikachu and Leo! If this isn’t love then what is!


  1. DogWith_Blog:



This is an all exclusive dog page. You find the dog variety here and the dogs on this page are at their candid moments. Their cuteness and silliness are spread across the page.


  1. TheWizardOfDogs:



This page is handled by Aishani Mathur who is a dog trainer and behavior specialist based in Gurgaon. She hosts webinars and live streams to help with your dog behavior and training. Along with this, you get to see some fluffy, playful, and happy dog pictures.


These were some of our few favorite pages of pets that we simply love! Animals are those creations of nature that we must all be thankful for! They seek simple and pure love and nothing else (okay food of course!).

It was rightly said in Paatal Lok, “If a man loves dogs, he is a good man. And, If a dog loves man, he is a good man”. Therefore, be a good man and don’t just love dogs but all creatures because they all are distinctive and unique. Change your perspective a little and who knows you might find cats cute too!