Content ideas. That’s the bane of most content creators. At some point, we all think ‘what to post next?” Well, we’ve got ideas. Beautiful ideas. At least for food creators and food art.

We scrolled through the internet and found some of the most gorgeous food photos ever for your inspiration.

(Psst, the content is still worth looking at in wonderment even if you’re not a food creator.)

Food Art: Content Ideas For Food Bloggers

For us, food is simple. We see it; we binge it. It’s the taste and flavor that matters far more than presentation. But we’ll be honest, after looking at the masterpieces these creators have made, we’re changing our tune.

Sometimes it’s worth it to pause, enjoy the beauty in food art, and then, of course, dive in!

Bread Rolls That Look Like Pumpkin

Ok, how cute are these bread rolls? You can’t deny that you want to sink your teeth into them. The idea here is to create food that emulates real life.

It need not be a fruit or vegetable. It could be a girl, boy, dog, or dolphin.

Toast with a twist of fantasy

Never I have ever had a toast that looked this stunning. This is food art par excellence.

Who would have thought that something as basic as bread and butter could arrest the eye? But there you have it. The creativity of food creators and their art is out of the world.

The idea here is to take a jump out of the box and fashion something new. A touch of fantasy never fails. Think of it as making real art and not just toast for the morning cuppa.

A garden or a focaccia

#focaccia is not a simple loaf of bread. It is an overdose of carbs made so pretty that no matter how manfully you resist, you will fall for this food art.

Any food creator who hasn’t given focaccia a try till now, should. You’re missing one of the greatest pleasures of your creator life. They are less breads and more gardens that make you nostalgic and hungry at the same time.

A bowl full of Halloween beauty

A healthy breakfast, something we all struggle with. Before the pandemic, we didn’t have time to make one. Post-COVID-19, frankly we’re too lazy to prepare one.

That said, these Halloween theme bowls of smoothies make us rethink our attitude towards wholesome breakfast bowls.

Plants are taking over

A recent trend on Instagram is succulents and house plants. Every other post we have on our feeds is about another person decorating their window ledges and nooks with them.

While we are all for going green (climate change is real peeps), we don’t know how gung-ho we are about succulents on cakes.

But the cupcakes definitely made our mouths water. The idea here is never to fear cross-pollinating niches. If food can go with succulents, then anything can.

Eggs in a whole new way

Soft boiled, hard-boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, deviled, poached, fried, and what not – eggs can be had in a number of ways. As long as your imagination let’s you.

But these Winnie The Pooh food art creations are out of the world. Talk about being motivated to have your proteins. Add in a touch of Disney, and these dishes are just cute as a button!

That’s it, folks on food art

Those were some of the content ideas that turn food into pieces of art. We couldn’t resist the creations a minute longer but if you need more inspiration, hop over to the Flatlay Today account.

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