With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses all over the world are forced to shut their physical operations and work remotely. People are now working from their homes. While from a business point of view, it is essential to coordinate and communicate, it is also important to stay connected to your colleagues.

Due to the current scenario, people are encouraged to keep themselves socially distant. However, not being able to meet our friends and colleagues for months makes it harder to cope with the ‘new normal’ and can take a toll on our mental health.

The importance of engaging with your co-workers cannot be emphasized enough. Not only it helps to work smoothly, it will also keep your mind healthy by instilling some ‘fun’ in your work schedule.



A fun meeting with your colleagues can put you in a good mood instantly. Here are some ways you can chill and hang out with your co-workers virtually.


  • Set a Schedule– Connecting with your office peers on a routine basis can create a good distraction from the daily work. First and foremost, set a schedule to hang out with your colleagues. Setting up virtual meetings once or twice a week can really take the load off of you and keep you connected with your friends on a regular basis.


  • Replace Google Maps and Uber with Zoom/Google Hangouts– The most effective way to reconnect with your colleagues is over a fun Zoom/Google Hangouts meeting. Create a room for your buddies and spend an evening filled with fun.


  • Sharing is Caring Refreshing– A good chat session with your groupies can instantly lift up your mind and spirit. From your feelings, thoughts to what you ate in a day, you can share absolutely anything and everything with your co-workers.


  • Virtual Games– To make the atmosphere in your Zoom room more entertaining, here are some games you can play with your peers over meetings-
  1. Charades
  2. Pictionary
  3. Never Have I Ever
  4. Who is Most Likely To
  5. Social Humour



  • Make those Experiences ‘Worth It’– What is the point of experiencing even the smallest moments in your life when you can’t share them. Sharing a hilarious anecdote of when your friend almost rescued a monkey from the zoo or how you pranked a friend that one time can make your virtual meetings more entertaining and memorable.


Everyone needs such therapeutic and entertaining sessions with their peers to distract themselves for a while by rewarding themselves with a fun evening. A hilarious chat session with your peers can ease your mind and soul at the same time.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article and took some notes. Next time you can also share these ideas with your office team and make it worth your while.