Brands have found a new voice in creators. They can scale online campaigns to newer heights by helping your brand reach potential customers. It makes collaborating with content creators a top priority. If not, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your audience.

Yes, creators may advocate for a brand’s success but they need some sort of hand-holding and that comes in the form of influencer marketing campaign brief.

What your influencer marketing campaign brief should have?

Creators’ audience trusts them, shares beliefs, and aspires to be like them. It’s why influencer marketing campaigns work. Again and again.

But here’s the #thng- you need to first create a kickass campaign brief for the creators. Or else, you won’t inspire the kind of content that converts.

The brief needs to be pitch-perfect. Here’s how you do it.

Create A Hero Image For Your Campaign

Your launch image is the hero of the campaign. It will rule your story and will be the first communication to creators. You don’t want it to be a miss! Create an exclusive image, highlighting your brand and product. Integrate the working or functionality aesthetically. And voila, you’ve successfully crossed the first hurdle!

Pitch Perfect Logo

How many times do we see distorted or stretched logos on creatives? It’s a disappointing practice. Ensure a distinctive logo on a white background, leaving adequate white space in corners for breathing. You can invert the color of the background if the image is square, dark, and clean.

Clear Call to Action in Creatives

Without a clear call to action, your creators will find themselves lost. You have to identify the content you’re looking for and then plan a CTA accordingly. This will guide your audience and creators, and take you a step closer to achieving the campaign goals.

Outline The Do’s And Don’ts

Any content that’s produced for your brand, creates your identity. You cannot accept the content you wouldn’t post yourself. Define a clear list of do’s and don’ts – about the creative freedom, shot size, product integration, etc., which will help you draft clear and precise submission details.

Inspire With A Mood Board In The Campaign Brief

Your mood board will form a base for the creators, and thus, for the campaign. Do not compromise on quality, authenticity, or creativity. These are the pillars, which can be combined with aesthetics to create an inspiring mood board for your campaign.

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