Gadgets are practically our most trusted companions in today’s world.

Don’t you feel incomplete when you leave your phone at home or lose that pair of earphones? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

And you are definitely not the only one following a technology content creator to make an informed purchasing decision. Over the years, they have gained significant influence and a loyal user base. Their audience loves them and trusts them blindly.

Large or micro, collaborating with creators can work wonders for the brands in the current scenario, especially for those in the technology space. Following their work will not only help brands but also creators. They can drive essential lessons on how to create a massive following.

Let’s know more about them:


Gaurav Chaudhry

Probably the most loved and followed tech creator (in India), Gaurav Chaudhry is growing strong with over 15.7 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.4 million Instagram followers. He’s popularly known amongst the masses by his channel name Technical Guruji. His unique personality and direct approach have helped him gain a massive fan following. He creates simple, crisp, and engaging videos relating to unboxing new phones, camera performance, and other gadget reviews. Moreover, he is also known for standing up for causes close to his heart and supports other creators (remember the YouTube vs TikTok stance?).


Manoj Saru

He’s recognized by his channel name ‘Technology Gyan’ on YouTube. Manoj can be classified as one of the “massy” technology creators. He has succeeded in explaining complex technical terms to the audience in a simple manner. He has grown with niche targeting by creating videos on budgeted and valuable devices. He uses creative thumbnails to gain engagement. With 5.81 million followers on YouTube and 125k followers on Instagram, Manoj’s influence is only growing upwards.

Utsav Techie

A rising tech reviewer who has attracted viewers with his fun and engaging presentation. He gives context about the technology used in the gadget while reviewing, which is largely applauded by the viewers. His Youtube channel currently stands at 489k subscribers, where his influence is rising with every new video.


Shlok Srivastava

If entertainment is your prerequisite for watching any video (be it reviews), Shlok is the one to follow. He is known by his channel name TechBurner and has over 2.87 million Youtube subscribers. He makes the videos in short, fun, and entertaining formats. Most of the content he makes, be it reviews or updates, are popular for being relatable.


Techno Ruhez

Originally started as an English Technology channel (2015), Techno Ruhez has now transformed into a Hindi Technology channel and is growing tall with over 2.19 million YouTube subscribers. Ruhez Amrelia,  the creator of the channel is known for creating well researched and detailed videos, where he reviews even the tiniest of gadgets details. He’s popular for giveaways and unboxing, and his tour of RealMe factory went viral.


Dhananjay Tech

Reviewing with an extremely simple and practical approach, Dhananjay has gained prominence for explaining medium to high-end technology in his videos and what to look for while purchasing a gadget. His opinions and insights are usually directed towards making a smart decision while choosing a new gadget.

These content creators enjoy a loyal user base for they provide value with the content. Almost everyone has their favorite tech reviewer, whom they trust on while choosing a new gadget. Collaborating with them is especially beneficial for a new brand, as they can help them reach the masses.

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