“Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyaar se lagta hai”, the iconic dialogue made Shotgun Jr. Sonakshi Sinha a household name. Since then, her influence has only seen an upward trend, especially on social media.

Only last month, DYT speculated on Shradha Kapoor’s social media secrets and for this month we have picked Bollywood’s original ASLI SONA. She posts regularly on Facebook and Instagram, while the celebrity deactivated her “twitter” account citing too much negativity on the platform.

Let’s find out the reasons behind her rising social media influence:


Reason No. 1- She keeps it Real

You can find her sharing small snippets of her life on Instagram (amplified on Facebook). She makes it a point to showcase her real self and takes pride in the fact that she has #nothingtohide.


Reason No. 2- She has a unique and bold fashion sense

Before making it big in Bollywood, she pursued fashion designing, and mind you, the girl has got style! From the photoshoots to outfit of the day, she’s spot on with everything she posts. And how elegant does she look in ethnic wear (courtesy: genes)?

Reason No. 3- She stands up to body shaming & bullies

Her stance is clear- give no f**** to bullies. She has been voicing body positivity from her early days in Bollywood, where she has been on the receiving end for consistently losing and gaining weight. The boldness has only gained her credibility and increased her influence amongst followers.

Reason No. 4- She showcases her passion for Art & Cinema
A consistent trend across her social media is a fusion of retro and modern art, with shades of cinema. She regularly updates concept based photos where she blends in a nostalgic setting with a lot of grace and sass. You can also find exquisite glimpses of nature in her feed.

Reason No. 5- She uses her voice for a cause
She has been associated with PETA for the cause of animal sterilization and she frequently collaborates with content platforms to raise awareness against stereotyping and social norms (especially for women).

Reason No. 6- She associates with brands according to her persona
Earlier last year, she was a judge on Myntra Fashion superstar, where she has had a long collaboration with the e-commerce giant. The other brands in her kitty include Streax India, Tide, CavinKare & more for 2019-2020.

Final Word: A strong sense of visual aesthetics, a bold and pleasant persona, and the correct use of influence are the reasons behind Sonakshi Sinha’s growing popularity. She inspires us to be real and authentic, even in these challenging times.

Cover picture courtesy: Sonakshi Sinha’s Instagram Handle