“LinkedIn is a goldmine for content creators.

You’ll miss out on a world by keeping it out of your social strategy. The platform has observed a surge in content creators for it offers an opportunity to make valuable connections and find organic reach (until it decides to kill with the paid reach like Facebook).

In the unprecedented times of 2020, LinkedIn has helped people to connect, find jobs, and the circulation of motivating stories on the platform has helped us battle the struggle of work for home. It has been achieved by improving the platform with updates, which are both helpful and competitive (with other platforms).  They facilitate in creating content and help to gain engagement.

Let’s know more about these updates:

Update 1: Live Video

A lucrative feature for brands and creators alike. According to data, usage of the live video feature grew up to 70% from the month of February to March and resulted in more engagement than branded videos. We know LinkedIn as a knowledge-sharing platform, the feature only helped in the direction of improving interactions of users with industry stalwarts and leading creators. It’s not available to everyone as of yet, but a user can avail of it after filling a form of considerations (user base, authenticity, past content performance).

Update 2: Reactions

Reactions are the way we communicate on social media and the feature to express emotions was missing on the platform. Thanks to the new update, we can now express without the need to put in words. The exclusive reactions like “care” and “celebrating” are spot on with the need of users on LinkedIn. A content creator can leverage these reactions to gauge the tonality and connect their content pieces.

Update 3: Polls

Another value bomb from the developers at LinkedIn. The poll helps to get opinions and feedback from your connections. It helps the brand or a creator to collect insights on various topics (leverage emotional & trending topics).

Update 4: Name Pronunciation

The world of  LinkedIn is not restricted to stereotyping and it promotes employee inclusion. This new update is in the same direction that allows users to record correct name pronunciation and add it to their profile. It will help in building relations on the platform.

Update 5: Stories and Carousel Posts

Carousel Posts are not exactly an update, but they have gained prominence only in the past few months. It’s an exciting way to engage with users by uploading documents in a carousel format. Do not forget to add arrows in the slides to engage with a tap through.

Stories are their latest update on LinkedIn (mobile platform) where the uploaded video or image stays on the profile for 24 hours. The update has received mixed reactions but is only expected to help content creators with engagement.

So, content creators – are you leveraging these new updates on LinkedIn?