Instagram Reels are designed to be fun and amusing. Set to music, these short videos are selling faster than hotcakes. But TBH, they do mar your Instagram aesthetics. And that’s why we’re writing about how to make aesthetic reels.

But first, why do you need to make aesthetic Instagram posts?

Instagram is a visual-first platform, so what you display to your audience matters a lot, especially the top 9–12 posts, whether they are Reels or static images. Agree with it or not, but an aesthetic Instagram grid can seriously stifle your growth. 

The best approach to stunning aesthetics on Instagram is to plan your posts in advance and always preview them before pushing them live. 

How to make aesthetic Reels on Instagram?

If you’re ready to step up your Instagram game and create stunning content, here are some of the top tips to enhance aesthetics on Instagram Reels.  

1. Use the right filters

Filters on Instagram are the equivalent of cosmetics. For example, you’ll notice that the Earlybird filter, Instagram’s original filter, gives the photos a slight yellowish tint. Filters are finishing touches (absolutely not to distort reality). The trick is to apply similar filters to your posts and Reels.

2. Have a theme and stick to it

Without a doubt, having a theme for your Instagram feed creates a cohesive aesthetic. That said, it’s important to maintain a balance between being consistent and being too predictable. That said, you should use your theme creatively and not be a slave to it. 

3. Understand your audience before posting

Before you post anything to your Instagram feed, try to understand your audience. Ask yourself: What will my followers find interesting? What will they want to see from me? As you post more and more, you will start to get a feel for what your followers like and don’t like. 

4. Get a video editing app

This is one of the most underrated answers to how to make Instagram aesthetic. Look for a good video editing tool on Play Store or app store and then download it. These tools are great for adding brand names or backgrounds or anything related to it. These are tiny #thngs and minute details but can improve your Reels by a factor of 10!

5. Have custom cover images

Create a custom cover image for your Reels, the same as you do for your YouTube videos. You can use Instagram story templates to create professional designs for your brand to have a custom cover image. Other than this, there are tonnes of apps on the Play Store and App Store to help you create it. All you’ve gotta do is – explore!

Still in doubt about aesthetic Instagram Reels?

You don’t need an expensive camera. 

You don’t need the latest iPhone.

You don’t need to pay for video editing software to make an aesthetic Instagram reel.

It is more about how you look at #thngs and make little changes, like keeping the camera completely stable. Shaky videos are the death of good reels. Another tip is to shoot small clips in a sequence, covering every step.

Now that you know how to enhance your Instagram Reels, it’s time to put what you’ve learned into action. Remember, it takes time to grow your account, but with these tips, you can definitely make that growth happen faster.

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