No, we don’t mean MakeupByMario or Shaanxo. Yes, they are worthy people to follow, but it is the micro-influencers who matter more for us. So, a bunch of us sat down (on Zoom, of course) to shortlist beauty creators who are influencing the niche. If you’re a cosmetic brand, a beauty addict, or just another creator coming up in the makeup field, then tap the follow button on these seven beauty creators and makeup artists.

Beauty creators making a mark with their content

Before we begin, a quick clarification. The micro-influencers are listed in no particular order. We hand-picked them for their signature style and their engaged community.

Kriti Tandon

Or as Instagrammers know her, makeupby_kriti has just over 5.6K followers. When you land on her page, it’s the dramatic looks that will hook you in. Know those trippy makeup looks you see all the time on the ‘Gram? That’s one of Kriti’s forte, and she is killing it!


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Samhita Sharma

Or as Instagrammers know her, makeupbysambam currently has 4.1K followers. The makeup artist is also a visual designer.

Her looks are all about bright, eye-catching, and over-the-top eye makeup. Although calling it makeup is like calling dark chocolate good. It is not. It is sinful. In the same manner, her eye looks are not makeup, they are art!

What we love is the breakdown of all the products she uses that she adds to her captions

Malaika Lunkad

Malaika is a beauty micro-influencer falling at the higher end of the follower spectrum with 12.4K followers. She also has a YouTube channel.

How has the Bangalore based makeup artist amassed so many followers? She branches out. Besides the usual makeup looks, she posts videos on how she does her hair, how she organises her cosmetics, and, best of all, giveaways!

What we love about her is authenticity. She discloses sponsored posts. Be transparent with your community peeps; that’s how you build it!


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Or as Instagrammers know her, makeuppolitan has 10.8K followers. She is all into aesthetic makeup. If you scroll deep down and reach some of her first posts from 2018, you’ll see that the girl has some pretty fantastic talent!

As she rightly says, makeup is all about enhancing your features, and we wish we had Sanya to do our makeup everyday. Her glossy, glassy looks are to die for.

Give her a follow if you want to learn how to photograph and video your makeup tutorials. She holds online classes and teaches all about angles, contrast, and shadows!

Also, we didn’t know makeup could do ASMR until we saw Sanya’s feed.


Franky has 12K followers, and we feel it’s way too less. Peeps, please be kind and follow this stunning makeup artist. Her recreations that also use body paint are out of this world. Give her IGTV a look to see how she does it.

All aspiring beauty creators who also wish to be professional makeup artists, check her Story highlight. It has some gems that you should know!


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Aditi Gill

With almost 2K followers on her main page, Aditi is a professional makeup artist and a hairstylist. We simply adore the budding creator, and that’s why she made the cut.

Her makeup is flawless, stunning, and gorgeous. One look at her comments, and it is obvious that she’s building an incredible community through her content.


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Sanya Jain

The makeup artist and beauty content creator has almost 9k followers. She’s Pearl Academy certified, and it shows.

From how to hide your eyebrows to how to fix broken makeup, Sanya does more than just makeup tutorials. However, her handle is a perfect portfolio of her work.

We say give her a follow for the little tricks and tips she drops in her captions!

More beauty creators to follow

To all the other beauty creators in the DYT community and beyond, please don’t be disheartened if you didn’t make this list. Choosing just 7 out of the many, many of you was one of the most challenging tasks we had to do. So, we made one more list of beauty micro-influencers.

Keep doing your thng, and the rest will follow!