Pinterest is one of those platforms that has gained significant growth in the past few years. It is a photo-based platform that was launched in the year 2010.

It has the power and the aid to help brands and the creators grow and improve their reach.


If you haven’t yet explored the world of Pinterest, we are here to tell you why you should use it.


It is a social networking platform that lets you search for ideas and save them. You find inspirations for home decor, food recipes, fashion, OOTDs and so much more. It allows you to look for new interests through the option of unlimited browsing. There are images on Pinterest which when clicked, open up the source website of the picture. It also offers communication with users by commenting, liking images, and messaging with each other.


Here’s how you get started with the platform:


  1. Create an account with your email or link your profile to your Google or Facebook account.
  2. Fill in your personal details.
  3. Choose at least 5 categories of your interest from the available options.


Ta-da! You are on there


The next thing to do is to explore!


Once you’ve logged in, you will reach the Home Page which will show you the images of the interest that you chose when you were creating your account. Right next to it, you will find the Today Tab. It displays all the trending posts of that day.

To know what your friends or people you follow are pinning, you need to click on the Following Tab. To search or find something new, click on the Explore tab. It helps you discover the things that this platform offers. The tiny bell button next to the explore tab in the notification tab which gives you recent updates.


With over 322 million monthly active users, Pinterest is an ideal market to advertise and execute different market strategies for your brand. Around 60% of these users are women and the remaining are men. This data represents user diversion and brands can totally use it for their own benefit and so can content creators. This margin is most importantly useful for fashion and beauty content creators.


To promote your brand on this platform, you will have to sign up for an official ‘Pinterest for business account’. The T&C is different for a business account. Here’s what not to do:


  1. Do not spam content.
  2. Do not post innumerable content pieces and promotions.
  3. Do not promote the idea that Pinterest endorses or sponsors your brand.


You’ll receive educational material from Pinterest which will help you maximize your reach on the app. It hosts workshops which are commonly called as Pinstitute. It also provides space for business analytics.


Other benefits that the app gives are:


Features like Promoted Pins, the Pin it Button, Widget Builder, and Rich Pins. Rich Pins are regular pins, but they include some important details about the brand.



Pro tip: Make pins with bright, colorful, and relatable pictures.


Since Pinterest is a visually-focused social media platform and is also an extremely powerful discovery engine, it is a great app for content creation. You can expand your business through this app. With an audience of over 332 million people, this can for sure make a significant difference in your fan following. Just like on any other platform, consistency on this platform is also very crucial. The most important thing is directness. You create and you post. You will only be liked and followed for your creativity which is a great way of improving your content.


All in all, this app is great for both brands and content creators. The method of using it may differ since both these are two very different things but it can do wonders for both of them. So go now, check this app out and let us know your thoughts on creating content on Pinterest.