Wondering how these celebs keep trending about their social media posts all the time? In this direction, we bring to you one of the most popular new age actresses who has done wonders with her Instagram- Shraddha Kapoor. The adorable Indian Diva is the 3rd celebrity after Virat Kohli and Priyanka Chopra Jonas to have crossed 50 million+ followers on Instagram. 


Forbes ranked Shraddha Kapoor at the 28th position in its 2019 list of 100 influential celebrities. ‘Living the dream’ is how she likes to define herself. She is very forthright about her opinion with regard to environmental issues, women empowerment, and especially animals rights. In 2015, she launched her clothing line ‘youth & the young at heart’. 


Social media platforms have given the celebs an opportunity to connect with the masses at a more personal level. They are making the best use of it by sharing their opinion over issues of concern and more. Shraddha Kapoor has significantly used it for her film promotion, her childhood memories, her behind-the-scenes avatar, etc.



  • Manifoldness:

Shraddha Kapoor’s social media has it all. From goofiness to nostalgia, from opinions to a slight peek in her personal life! Her posts are primarily in English which are sometimes translated in Hindi and Marathi and vice versa. It ensures reach to a larger audience. Frequent use of a purple heart is evident in her posts. This signifies empathy, understanding, and more importantly friendship which improves relatability and engagement with her audience.



  • Personal life:

As stated, Sharddha Kapoor often posts pictures from her childhood, functions, and events with her family and friends. She is also an animal lover. She has an extremely adorable pet named Shylo- who gets enough space in her posts!



  • Goofiness:

The actress posts her behind the scenes avatar which displays her coy and fun personality. People love seeing the real side of celebs and Shraddha Kapoor does it perfectly by giving us a sneak-peek into her candid and campy life.


  • Home Sweet Home:

With the Pandemic, where people are trapped in their own homes, the actor inspired people to stay healthy, stay positive, and be grateful for beautiful things in life!



  • Humanitarianism:

Apart from all the fun and work stuff, the actress is an active participant in spreading awareness and raising a strong voice against the impending environmental concerns. Her posts are quite vocal about women’s rights and her stand against animal cruelty. Along with this, recently she also helped photographers in the industry hit by the pandemic.


  • Dance & Music Enthusiast:

The actress is also known for her singing and dancing skills. She is also a big fan of the legend Mrs. Lata Mangeshkar. Both of them have a great bond with each other. Their love and tuning are often found in her posts. Her engagement through dance videos via Reels with her audience is doing great for her Instagram page.



  • WorkFront: 

Her throwback posts are an eye-catcher. She often celebrates her movies which did great in the past. Recently, she celebrated 1 year of Chhichhore.  Her promotional tactics and her love for BTS is prominent in her posts. 


The most important thing that works for her is her down-to-earth image. She is expressing her ideologies through her views in her posts. She says, “Social media is the voice of the people and there are no filters there. Everyone has an equal chance of being heard, and that’s great. If you can reach out to millions of people through social media, and create awareness about the things that are threatening humanity, isn’t it fantastic?” which resonates with her posts perfectly!


So, take inspiration from Shraddha Kapoor and do your thng!

Cover picture courtesy: Shraddha Kapoor’s Instagram