With Diwali (and the whole host of festivities that fall around the time) nearing, there is one thing on our minds – shopping.  Typically, most households spend plenty during Diwali, and we all know what that means. Brands do their utmost to grab attention, and we all know what that means—tons of brand collaborations for creators.

In a gist, people shop during Diwali. Translation: brands will need creators to promote products.

Why? Because according to Google, 7 in 10 people go online to get more information while thinking of shopping, even if 85% of their purchases are made in stores.

Diwali shopping trends: where will people spend the most?

At DYT, we like to say it as it is; no sugar-coating because that doesn’t help the community. So, fair warning, while there are specific Diwali shopping trends that will see splurges, most will not. 

Clothes are the real winner.

Of all the places people can spend, the clear-cut winner is apparel. So, if you are a fashion creator, get your cameras ready and start brainstorming content ideas. This Diwali, a person will be buying tons of clothes. 

Mobile phones are not far behind.

Tech creators there is good news for you too. A big Diwali shopping trend almost any year is mobile phones. So how about creating content on which smartphones to buy this festive season and give your community useful content?

Appliances come in third.

Home appliances make our lives easier. How many of you dreamed about dishwashers during the lockdown? We sure did. Every. Single. Night. 

So one of the the Indian shopping trends in 2022 will be consumer electronics. People will indulging in ACs, refrigerators, and washing machines. All items that make life liveable. So, all lifestyle creators, get ready to promote your favorite brands. 

And if you can make that content funny and relevant, we’ll be your fans forever! 

Travel is makes a big splash.

88% of people in India plan to spend on travel, according to Deloitte’s consumer research report. That’s more than the number of people who want to shop for an automobile.

For travel creators, it’s a great time to grow their clout. Just keep in mind, travel doesn’t just mean far-flung destinations like Mykonos. It could be somewhere nearby or even within India. 

What else made the cut?

Home furniture and home renovation may not attain the “very high priority” box, but they made it to Diwali sales 2022 map. It tells us if home décor creators do some creative work while looking for brand collaborations, they might just end up helping their followers in the best way. 

Build your own Diwali shopping trend

We know that with Diwali Flipkart sale and Amazon Diwali sale (2022 dates: 17th to 23rd Oct), most people tend to shop online. That said, as a creator, you have the power to help local brands too. 

If you’re a nano-influencer living in a tier 2 or tier 3 cities, think local rather than global. Find a standalone store or homegrown businesses and collaborate with them this festive season. It’s a great way to earn because you’re likely to see more engagement with local brands than big ones.

So, go forth and make your own Diwali shopping trend and help a local business go viral! And if you need help with Diwali content ideas, hop over here.

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