Social media has taken over customer feedback service. Whether it is mail or fax, letters or telegram, they are all long gone. With their exit, social media platforms are growing and expanding with time. According to reports, more than 80% of consumers use social media to engage brands. This means that if you are not investing in social media customer support, you are losing big and you may be left behind in a time where everything is moving fast. 


Why Invest On Customer Care Services? 

Everybody on social media is brand and quality conscious. They expect a high quality of service and products offered online. Therefore, customer service becomes important in addressing their issues. Plus the consumers expect brands to have a customer support system. The following are a few tips to improve your social media support:


  • Technology:

Technology is crucial for social media customer care service. Tools like data analytics, cybersecurity, live chat and omnichannel are some of the things you require to enhance your customer care services. Infact, addressing a social media complaint can improve your brand advocacy by 25%. 


  • Building Trust:

When you offer the customer support system to your customers, you build trust for your brand in them. They can rely on and contact you if they are unhappy with your brand. Around 33% of the consumers will prefer social media customer care support than a phone call because it is convenient and trustworthy. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to build confidence in your brand in customers. Along with this, the feedback that you receive always helps in enhancing your brand. It further helps in building relationships and increases customer engagement.


  • Resolve Issue Time:

This is basic, that the faster you resolve an issue, the better will be your brand image. Around 37% of the users expect a response within 20-30 minutes. Consumers will not like long wait times or boring procedures. What is required is a conversational approach and experiments with customers. 


Providing customer service can be a tad-bit challenging but once you start doing it right, you learn with your everyday experiences. This gives you the perfect opportunity of having loyal consumers who may become your brand advocates too.